12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agencies

12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agencies

If you are inside this blog, you’re probably wondering about hiring a Digital Marketing Agencies for the first time. Or might have been failed to try on your own and looking for some suggestions that can guide you for your Marketing business.

Well, whatever your thoughts might be, there requires serious research and inspection to choose your business backbone. Also, reading the blog completely will support your research and clears out your thoughts for the partnership with Digital Marketing Agency.

Before we start, or before you even consult with digital marketing agency directly, it is better that you do some research and makes comparisons among the digital marketing agencies around your place.

Without further ado, let’s jump into 12 Questions that will help to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency. Many of the questions are from our clients that might meet your queries as well.

1. How does the agency measure success?

Success is what everyone seeks. So, you need to be sure on the strategy that the agency will be following throughout your business.

This can be anything from new customers, registrations, revenue, conversion rate, or just sales in general. So really understanding this from the very beginning, will ensure that you get off to the right start.

2. Understand what type of digital marketing do they specialize in?

You need to be clear about the agency’s core, functionality, and its specialty on the area of the field. The company could specialize in e-commerce, PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization or any other things which you need to have an idea of.

Understanding what they specialize in first will ensure that you have a clear understanding on the right partner for you.

3. What other clients do they work with?

You do not want to become the very first client of the agency. I bet you would want a most trustworthy agency which already possessed many years of experience and had dealt with many clients.

This will give you a sense of how big the agency is because you don’t want to be working with an agency where you might be too small for them. If so, they might not give you enough attention to help and support your business. Likewise, if you are a really big client for a small agency then they may struggle to deliver the goals for your business.

4. If you can get any references or testimonials from customers

It creates reliability and trust for any business whenever any third party provides a positive opinion. You can think of this just like a job interview that you really want to find out more about the agency’s services and results they have delivered for their old clients.

And, with the references and testimonials from customers, you will get the proof that the agency you are looking to hire is really worth your investment.

5. How many man-hours or how many staff hours will be spent on your business

If you are aware of this, then knowing the number of man-power and time that is utilized into your business helps to predict your results.

You need to know whether the agency is spending the time on growing online, whether it’s through organic, paid, social or conversion rate. Also, go through each detail of service package available for you, so that you know how much time is going to be spent growing your business.

6. Who is going to be working on the account?

Make sure you can trust the person who is working on the account because people buy people, not just the services.

Find out the accountant whether it will be the person you are speaking to, will it be a team of people underneath them? Or will it be outsource? If you are able then, you can try and meet them, maybe have a phone call or find out who they are and how they are as a person and their work ethics and also make sure that you get along well with them.

7. If you can get an example of any of their reports or even a report template

Analytics of website traffic

Analytics of Website Traffic


Surely try this for real and have good research on their reports and templates. You will know the agency’s status and capabilities which tells you what to expect and what you’ll get once you start working with that agency.

8. What is included in their fees?

Most importantly, there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding regarding the fees. As you are paying for your business, you need to be clear where your fees are being utilized or spent.

So, be clear if the fee is just for a basic package, or it covers everything. You also need to make a thorough breakdown of the amount of time spent on research, social media, or email marketing.

Finally, you need to understand what value you are getting for your money and where the resources will be spent behind that.

9. What will not be included in those fees or what is extra?

Now, this could be anything that excludes the above agreements. You can have face to face meetings, website audits, or any ad hoc requests that you might ask for.

This helps in creating transparency on both sides and having a better relationship.

10. If any of the work will be outsourced?

As you are paying the fee to the agency, you want that the work is done by the people you work with.

Just have an understanding of who’s doing the work, as they will be the ones responsible for your business grow online.

11. Then in terms of communication, how frequent will this be?

Client and Digital Marketing Agency meeting

Client and Agency Meeting

Communication is really important with the basic need for any of the client-agency work. You need to be sure whether the communication process is face to face or via phone calls, emails so you can manage the time accordingly.

Also, whether it will be daily, weekly, or even monthly process. Definitely understanding that and who will you be communicating with. Because like most of the time you speak to a salesperson, but the people doing the work will be the marketers themselves, and you don’t get to see them.

So, this is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the agency and its staff to be representing your business and your brand.

12. Lastly, one of the most important ones is, why is your agency the right choice for me?

As this is the most important ones, you better not forget this question to ask the agency. If the agency is professional and really worth for your business then this question will help to increase your confidence to work with the respective agency.

So again, having that connection, having a strong bond with the person that you are going to be working with is also really helpful.

In Conclusion

The whole article is about questions that you need to ask before hiring an agency which is really important. I suggest you to prepare for a question answering session with your agency.

So, have you thought of meeting your agency partner and ask some really good questions?