9 PPC Tools That You Should Use In 2020

9 PPC Tools That You Should Use

Since the beginning of the evolution of human beings, tools are generated for simplifying our efforts and multiply outcomes. Without the new inventions of tools you will remain at the same level and won’t be able to overcome the competitors.

I am not saying your efforts will go useless without the use of tools, but as the world is evolving every day, you have to catch up the pace of evolution and act accordingly.

Now, talking about 2020, you definitely should have some really good backup tools to stay ahead from your competitors and grow your business excessively. That is why I have brought you this article with five best PPC tools that you should use in 2020 to retain your place in the market.

1. Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is the open-source application which you can freely download from Google for the purpose of managing your Google Ads campaign. It is an offline application where you can make changes and upload to Google ads.

Google Ads Manager

Google Ads Editor

So, if you are a regular user of Google Ads campaign then this tool works perfectly for you that saves your time and makes easier in bulk edition. You might feel similar to Google Ads manager that you use online, but it works a lot faster with more features.

Some benefits of Google Ads Editor:

  • Easier and quicker to use than Google Ads campaign.
  • You can work without an internet connection.
  • Undo your process and edit with better changes.
  • Flexible to move items between ad campaigns.
  • Edit your best on draft and upload it whenever you are satisfied.

2. Bing Ads Editor

Bing ads editor is the neediest tool if you are using bing as your PPC advertising. You get feature to import your data into editor with the help of Google. You can check the progress status of your data, review blocks, edit and undo the data.

With the use of Bing Ads editor, you save time and improve the performance of search marketing campaigns. Also, you can manage multiple ads accounts at the same time.

3. WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor is a very useful Google Ads tool designed for ads campaign management. It is specially targeted to small and medium-sized businesses to maximize the outcomes through online advertising (Google Ads Advertising).

Benefits of WordStream Advisor to your online advertising:

  • Manages multiple platforms like AdWords, Facebook, and Bing
  • Improve quality score
  • Research suitable keywords
  • Pick out negative keywords
  • Create converting landing pages

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best and trusted tool on the market used for keyword research and site analytics. This is a paid tool which that provides almost every possible information on keywords, website, competitor’s ranking keyword and everything else.

Ahref Dashboard

Ahref Dashboard

This is the dashboard of Ahrefs, where you can see every information on the website from total number of backlinks, organic keywords, traffic values and many more.

You can blindly trust the results provided by Ahrefs as it cost a high charge of use. Keyword research is very important step to your PPC advertising. Your keywords determine the success of your PPC advertising. So, always invest in best tools for your business.

5. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a great advertising tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads campaign. It makes easy campaign optimization, create and analyze ad campaign. Adespresso was introduced to speed up the editing process whenever campaigns meet with great responsibilities. You can save a lot of time and improve your campaign performance with the implementation of this PPC tool.



6. Optmyzr

Optmyzr is one of the award-winning PPC tools specially used by PPC experts. It supports both Bing and Google Ads campaign and optimizes the ads with the help of machine learning.

For bigger marketing agencies that run multiple PPC campaigns, optmyzr provides more advance tools to run ad campaigns smoothly.

Optymzr PPC Tools


This tool is commonly known as one click optimization that provides ideas on improving the quality of your accounts.

Features of Optmyzr:

  • AdWords quality score tracker
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Landing page analysis
  • Bing Ads Optimization
  • A/B testing

7. Google Ads Performance Grader

Google Ads Performance Grader is a free PPC advertising tool introduced by Wordstream to inspect the ad performance and understand the issues. It provides the performance grade based on 60 different factors like Quality Score, ranking, impressions, click-through-rates, landing-page optimization and soon.

Wordstream PPC Tool

Wordstream Ad Performance Grader

Google Ads Performance Grader was created to help advertisers to audit and analyze their Google Ads campaigns. The latest updated Google Ads Grader includes more features like performance tracker, Mobile readiness score, and improved benchmarks.

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a very useful website to find out the most popular content topics of any websites, as well as one of your competitors. Not only keyword but buzz sumo provides the topic and content researching facility so you can create even better website to rank amongst them.

Buzz Sumo PPC Tool

Buzz Sumo Tool

Here, you can see the top-rated topics for PPC advertising with different engagement platforms. You can write an article researching its contents like content lengths, graphical attachments, and headings, and sub-headings.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you every small detail regarding your website performance. It provides daily updates like the total number of visitors, either they are through organic, social, direct or referral. It is free online tool with easily accessible steps where you have to connect your website and email-id.

Here you can see the active users on the exact moment and know from where and from what source the traffic has reached into your site. You get daily updates about your traffic and many more. It is very useful to track your website’s progress.


You can’t win a war without troops and weapons, so, in this case, these tools works are your troops as well as weapons. Therefore, getting in touch with tools that uplifts your business is the best decision. So, I suggest you apply these tools while running PPC advertisement and increase your business.

How many of the tools are you familiar with?