7 Tips To Master The Google Display Network

How To Build A Successful Display Campaign On Google Ads

Go beyond the Lines to Capture your Customers and retain them


You might think that all the ads that appear when you search on Google are paid ads. Some also think that the ads rapidly appearing on the Google search engine is due to the bidding of the keywords being searched frequently. This is a misconception about the Display Advertising that many people perceive. However, this is not the case. Display Advertising is undoubtedly the most efficient way of advertising and capturing more and more audiences towards your product or service. It helps the marketers to advertise in the right way. Display Campaign eases down the work by providing numerous opportunities to the advertisers.

Display Advertising Campaigns

Clearing out the Misconception about Display Campaign:

Many advertisers think that branding and advertising are the same things. They have a huge misconception about these two activities that need to be cleared immediately. Ads are a source that spread awareness about the brand and its products to the people or the target audience. They tell the target audience about the existence of the brand through various communication modes. These communication modes are used to advertise the brand to persuade the target audience how the products of this brand are fulfilling their needs and are a perfect fit for them. That is why Display Campaigns are used in different modes of Integrated Marketing Communication to efficiently gad customer attention.

What do we mean by the AdWords Display Campaign?

AdWords Display Campaigns is a Google’s platform to the advertisers to effectively advertise their brand or product via the internet. It allows advertisers to advertise on websites, social media platforms and other sites using the internet. AdWords Display Campaign is now the most effective way of advertising as it directly targets the prospective customers or audience and captures their attention on their most frequently used mode of communication.

Tips to Build an Effective Display Campaign in AdWords:

There are a few important tips for an advertisers while developing effective and successful Display Campaigns in AdWords. They need to be particular while picking and choosing the right medium to make sure that it is a suitable one according to the products the brand is offering and what need is the Target Audience looking for. Therefore here  are some tips for you:

1. Remarket to Attract more Audience:

Remarketing is done when you have captured customer value and customer retention. You find that your customers are looking towards your brand or product so now you need to be on top of their mind. For this, you need to remarket your brand and purpose most attractively so that you indirectly push your target customer to make an action. You need to make sure that you remarket in such a way that the target audience can remember your brand and your product every time they use their technological gadgets. Your product and brand should always be on top of their mind.

2. Make sure to stay in your Budget:

Budget management for display advertising

This is the most important thing to make sure while displaying campaigns in AdWords. Since the advertisers need to reach to massive customers globally, it is crucial to set your budget accordingly so that you can reach the audience all around the world more effectively. This will hit the customers as you will remarket your campaigns and display them most effectively through the internet. You need correct amount of budget to run effectively in the right way.

3. Target your Audience via Managed Placement:

Managed Placement allows you to target your audience through Google and the internet in the right way. The goal is to target the right audience to deliver the right message. Therefore, this helps in the decision-making process to the advertisers that what segment should be targeted on the internet. Also, how to deliver them the display campaign by using the correct communication tool.

4. Format ads on the right way:

As Display Campaigns include advertising through images, colors, text messages, social media, internet, etc. therefore, advertisers need to make sure that the formatting of the Display Campaign should be in such a way that it is easily available in all types of sources on the internet. This will be easy for the target audience to remember the product or the brand and recall it every time they see the ad on different sources through the internet.

5. Develop Easily Understandable Ads:

Your ads will be more effective after the understanding of targeted audiences. As Display Campaign in AdWords ensures a massive audience to stay connected globally through the internet, the ads developed by the advertisers must be simple and easy to understand.

6. Ensure to use more Visual Images:

More usage of visual images will attract more customers or people towards your brand or product. It is easy to capture the attention of people through attractive visual images rather than textual content. The advertisers need to make sure they deliver the message to the target audience through visuals. This will be a purpose of entertainment as well and it will be easy to recall and remember your product or brand.

7. Give Pop-up Offers to your Target Audience:

Pop-Up offers for display advertising

This is the most creative and smart way to divert the attention of your audience towards your brand and product. Display Campaigns in AdWords allow the advertisers to give pop-up offers about their product to their target customers every time they get involved in screening. This will encourage the audience to view your website and start navigating about your brand or product.


The above-mentioned tips can effectively boost a brand’s Return on Investment and increase the Customer Lifetime Value by making their brands and product entire consumer-centric. This will persuade consumers to believe that your product is fulfilling their needs. Hence, you just need to make sure that you deliver the right message to the right customer so that it builds more value.