7 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren't Showing

7 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing


You might be bundled with a lot of confusion about PPC ads if you don’t have the marketing knowledge. Many of the companies have adopted this technique in order to be on the top of mind for the consumers. So what is PPC? The term PPC refers to pay per click. To carry on with it, the technique involves companies earning money whenever the consumer clicks on the ads on their searches. You might have noticed the ads that pop up whenever you look for anything on a search engine.

These ads are usually in relation to the searches you perform and gain consumer’s attention big time. So the next time you are encountered with the questions like ‘what is PPC’, you can be assured of its true meaning. When you get the understanding of what is P2PC, you then ask yourself about how it works.

After you are done with the basics of what is PPC then you can further understand the dynamics of a pay per click campaign. There is a whole PPC campaign that runs which helps you to get the desired results. Some of the marketers want that they get excellent results when they are carrying out the PPC campaigns. But if there are any errors the PPC campaign can result into a failure. To a marketer the question what is PPC is not that important, the main question is why isn’t your PPC campaign performing well?

Reasons Why Your PPC Campaign Is Not Performing Well:

The Quality Score Is Not Up To The Mark:

PPC ads Quality Score

PPC Quality Score

The keywords, ad relevance and the relevance of landing page combine together to form up a quality score. This quality score is very important for a marketer. When you place a blog or post you need to understand about these important factors. Most of the companies don’t reach to good score and this may lead to high costs being incurred. The cost incurred might not give you better revenue and this would result in an overall underperforming campaign. When marketers talk about what is PPC, then they are also talking about the maximizing profits and minimizing costs.

Less Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords are an important element that helps to boost your PPC campaign. When you have explored about what is PPC then you may have encountered the importance of negative keywords. Companies don’t use negative keywords in their articles or blogs that is why their ads have the tendency of being triggered at irrelevant searches. The triggering results in continuous descending of your ad onto the search engine which is a loss ultimately.

The Keyword Element:

If you have gone through the initial stages of what is PPC, you would have seen that there is a lot of talk about keywords usually attached with any info about pay per clicks. The keywords are sometimes missed by the marketers. They haven’t performed about the significant keywords that must be included in their articles or blogs. If the keywords aren’t relevant then it reduces the overall performance. Companies spend less time and effort in researching about the relevant keywords which isn’t a solution to their problem. The less relevant keywords make their overall rating to decrease and don’t help the cause.

Unfocused Target Audience:

Target audience

Target Audience

Another term which you find when you are educating yourself about is the target audience. The target audience in most of the cases is usually undefined and is not focused. The ads doesn’t relate well to the target audience. Also the ads don’t reflect on the stages of the buying cycle. This is a disadvantage as it leaves the customer lost and ultimately the company loses him. The better defined target audience you have the better is for the campaign.

Lack Of Conversion Tracking:

Most organizations don’t understand that what the outputs of their advertising efforts are. When you are learning about what is PPC ads then you must think of how many leads that were generated are converted into customers. The inefficient tracking mechanisms lead you to a disaster. You spend more time and effort which results in accumulation of costs. The same time and effort could have been done in order to achieve another potential customer. The better the conversion tracking is the better the campaign is.

The Settings Of The PPC Campaign:

After you have done your homework regarding what is PPC you must ensure that the settings are complementing your campaign. The common mistake is the campaign type is not aligned with the marketing objectives. You need to be focused on your marketing objectives first and then derive the campaign type accordingly.

Not Timing The Ads Properly:

Bad Timing

Bad Timing

One more mistake which makes the campaign underperform is the timing of PPC ads. You must define perfectly about your target audience. After that you must be certain about when the target audience would be viewing the ads. Since the research about the target audience isn’t that proper the scheduling of ads isn’t proper either. If the target audience is people who view ads at night and your ads operate in the daylight hours then you are at loss. You must be very sure about the time or else you will maximize the loss.


There are unlimited errors that lead to an underperforming PPC campaign. One must illustrate its campaign first and point out at every point even if it’s very minute. The marketer must be aware of what his goals and objectives are and how the PPC ads campaign can help him achieve that. If you are looking at continuous downfall of your PPC campaign you must not call for shutdown. In fact you must list down what are the causes of your loss. You can adopt various techniques that can help you improve or minimize the loss. Understanding of the problem is really important. If you are not sure about the cause then it would be difficult to improve. Hopefully you would have an idea about why is your PPC campaign not performing well.