What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Initially, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is online advertising your products or services on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The word Pay Per Click advertising campaign clears out its meaning where you pay certain amount of money to each click on your advertisement.

Generally, PPC is the process of buying the customers towards your advertisement hoping to convert into leads, sales, or conversions. Like other advertising campaigns like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, PPC/Google AdWords has its own properties, which you need to analyze and be familiar with for better PPC results.

As PPC is the service provided by search engines like Google and Bing, it has a huge amount of audiences with great competitors trying their best to rank on top. For a great PPC marketing, you need to focus on having low CPC (Cost-Per-Click) whereas gain higher ROI (Return on Investment).

PPC Advertising Campaign: How does it Work?

Well, to run a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, you definitely going to need an ad campaign where you add relevant keywords on which you want your audiences to interact with. After that you have to go through keyword bidding to place your ads (The higher your keyword bidding the higher rank you get in Search Engine.)

Let’s suppose that your competitor website has PPC ads running on keyword (PPC Advertising) with bid of $2.5 per click. Now, if you wish to overcome those ads then you must bid higher than $2.5 else your advertising would be displayed behind your competitor’s keywords.

Pay Per Click Campaign

PPC Campaign

Before you start advertising your products, make sure your site is well managed, i.e. your landing page should be really engaging and include every necessary information a visitor is looking for, which creates high chance of conversion and reduces bounce rate that might only cost you without any sales.

Usually, people get engaged in Google Ads in purpose of buying their needs, such as smartphones, accessories, gifts, etc. So, advertising on blog pages or non-sales related sites is not much in use because it only ends up your budget without any sales. It might work for businesses who are looking for clients but doesn’t work for e-commerce site. So, be sure what’s your advertising goal is and act accordingly.

As you know, PPC advertising is very competitive marketing; you need to be better in every possible factor that helps to overcome your competitors.

Common factors to consider in your PPC advertising campaign:

1. Quality Score

Quality Score is an overall quality rating of your site, i.e., keywords, PPC ads, and landing page. Having higher quality score determines your CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and ad ranks in the ad auction process. It is really important to the success of PPC advertising as it turns up higher return of investment (ROI), which is exactly you are looking for.

Google Quality Score

Google Quality Score

The quality score is considered good whenever your customer’s needs are fulfilled. Also, ads with higher quality scores are charged less by Google. Factors you need to meet to increase Quality Score are:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Qualitative Landing Page
  • Relevant Keywords to the ad group

2. Negative Keywords

The use of negative keywords is really essential to prevent your Pay Per Click advertising campaign from unwanted visitors that don’t convert. It blocks your ads to display on those searchers who are looking for free or discounted products.

Having negative keywords on your ads will increase your conversions, sales, return of investment, and in other hand decreases your cost caused by unwanted visitors. In this way, your ads will only display to those users who are looking products that you are selling, and that directly benefits you in every ways. So, never forget to add negative keywords to your ads campaign.

3. Bid Optimization

Bid optimization is a critical part of the ads campaign that directly involves your investment. You need to be very careful during your keyword bids as you don’t want to waste your money in those keywords that don’t convert.

You need to analyze your budget before thinking about bidding. Also ,you might be bidding higher to that keyword, which has fewer conversions and bidding low that have high conversions. So, it might decide your future of PPC advertising. That’s why inspect your keywords and bid range of your competitors and bid on high conversion keywords.

4. Ad Extensions

Ad Extension is a great advantage provided by ads campaign that provides you extra space to place your information, links, and keywords. You can add more reasons to choose your advertising from rest. It generally increases CTR as it includes CTA, location, additional text, links and many more that can stop users and engage in your ads.

Google Ads Extension

Example of Ad Extension

It provides your ads more visibility on search engines, which increases your ad value. Adding extra information on extension is totally free of cost so, what are you waiting for? Get your ad extension and increase your ad’s visibility.

How will the PPC advertising campaign benefit your business?

PPC possesses many benefits directly or indirectly to your business. Here are some benefits you might want to know about.

1. PPC drives huge traffic

As you know that PPC places your ad rank on top of Search Engine Result Page whenever you’re bidding higher than the rest of advertisers. So, having rank 1 in Google drives tons of organic traffic into your website with high chance of conversions.

2. Increases sales and conversions

People interact with Google ads aiming to purchase something they are looking for. They usually don’t click on ads without any plan of action. For only knowledge purposes, people would choose blog pages rather than advertisements.

So, you will have a good chance that your advertisement would provide more sales and conversion. Also, after implementation of negative keywords, only interested people will engage in your ads.

3. You only pay for clicks

Absolutely, Google charges you only when people click on your ads. Even though every click doesn’t convert into sales, it helps in brand awareness, impressions, and engagements. The same person can be your customer with remarketing.

4. Faster than SEO

Faster than SEO

Faster than SEO

Not like an SEO that requires several months to provide a result on your effort. This PPC advertising provides immediate result with few days, maximum a week. You don’t need to pay an SEO expert for the ranks. It automatically places your ads on top of SERP after high keyword bid. So, if you are impatient for the results, get going with PPC advertising.

5. Target location and audience

You are free to target your desired location as well as audience to improve your CTR and ROI rate. You can inspect the behavior of people like, where do they visit more, which website do they check frequently.

Instead of displaying your ads to every single individual, you can target those who show more interest in your kind of products. Believe me, and it will help your business in high conversion.


If you are looking forward to running your Pay Per Click advertising campaign then you are always welcome to receive our services of PPC advertising campaigns. PPC advertising is increasing its potential for advertising day by day. That’s why don’t get late in advertising digitally in search engines as well.

So when are you starting your ad campaign?