Google Smart Display Everything You Need To Know

Google Smart Display: Everything You Need To Know

For the businesses wanting to add-up conversion and boost their sales should be using the Google Smart Display. You as a business should know who your customers are and where are your customers. Google is the first platform where people go to search their need and that’s the spot where you need to show your presence.

Want to get more insight into Google Smart Display? Before starting a discussion on it, let’s talk briefly about Google Display Network.

A short introduction to Google Display Network

Google Display Network is a powerful powerful system that has more than 2 million websites. This means that you can reach billions of people by displaying your ads in a few segmented websites.

You can reach your target audience across the globe when you advertise from Google Display Network. But this does not mean you can reach all of your target audience through your ads.

When you present your ad through the display network, your ad will not be shown to every single website as you can just target a few different tiers of website.

What is Google Smart Display?

When it comes to increasing conversion, using smart display add is the appropriate option for you. Using smart display ads, you can show your ads in all the possible formate across the Google Display Network, reaching every potential customer.

Google Smart Display creates brand awareness by allowing you to target specific customers. When you use smart display ads, you can track converters, visitors, people who submit the form, and other activities.

Google Smart Display

Google Smart Display

With all those dates you get from Google is a strong foundation for your business to decide how to move forward in the market. The information you get can help you formulate a new strategy or improve the existing strategy. These dates will tell you how to move forward in the upcoming day.

Is Google Smart Display appropriate for every business?

Many marketers come up with this question doubting whether this works or not. And the answer to this question is “YES.” If you know how to use smart display ads, then you enhance and improve the conversion rate on your website.

Smart Display Ads is appropriate for businesses because it increases 20% of conversions at the same CPA compared to display ads. But Google Smart Display Ads is only possible if you have 50 conversions on the display network across display campaign or 100 conversions in search campaigns.

Before you jump on to smart display ads, you need to fulfill the criteria on display campaigns or search campaign. If you already have it, you are good to go with Google Smart Display Ads.

What are the benefits of using Google Smart Display?

Google Smart Display can be the best choice for you if you want to attract new customers and want them to reach earlier in the buying process. You may also prefer this if you are looking for fast and high performing ads.

You can reach those customers who are likely to convert and get more conversions as possible in the bid you set. This means that you can enhance your ads which match your business and potential customers.

When you use a smart ad you can create a friendly infrastructure to manage your ads which will help you track the progress of your ads. Moreover, you can customize your ad for the only desktop or only for mobile.

With the addition to all the mentions benefits, you can also change your smart ads to a different type of display ads.

Three key elements that can help you with your Google Smart Display Ads

Marketers can significantly reduce the time and effort they spend on creating ads with smart display ads. With the use of smart display ads, you can create a display campaign in no time, giving you a superior return on investment.

Google algorithms and artificial intelligence optimize your ads campaign; thereby, it reduces the amount of time you spend in your smart display ads.

Automation is the core element in the Google smart display ads as it automatically bid, target, and does the creative process for you.

Bid automatically

With the use of smart display ads, your bid is automatically set at every auction, depending upon your conversion.  Therefore you do not have to stress placing your bid as Google algorithm, and AI does for you.

Smart display ads use target CPA bidding where you have to give your target CPA, and google algorithm will do everything for you.

As your bidding will be completely based on data, your spending may fluctuate depending upon conversion. If there is a high chance of conversion, then the google algorithm bid massively, and if there is a low chance of conversion, then it bid the lower amount.

Smart display campaign may bid as high as $10 or as low as $1 per click. But in the end, your conversion cost will be equal to your target CPA.


Google Smart Display

Google Smart Display Automation

Target Automatically

Similar to auto-bidding, smart display campaigns use an automated approach to target your customers. To set up the target, the google algorithm uses the data from your previous campaign and other information to reach the right customers.

The main motive is to target those potential customers in sales funnel who are in facing difficulties in choosing between you and your competitors. When targeting, AdWords considers the correlation between your main keyword and other associated words.

For example, if you are selling laptops, then the Google algorithm will figure out people who are searching for a laptop. After figuring out potential customers, AdWords will automatically target those who are in search of a laptop.

Therefore, it reduces much time and effort of the marketers to figure out its target customers.

Create creative ads automatically

Another best feature of Google Smart Display Ads is that it does all the creative process itself.

This means that AdWords will make the effective use of headlines, images, ads copy, and call to the action provided by you. This is done under the guidance of data from Google algorithms and AI to increase the chances of conversion.

Another advantage is that AdWords will create several combinations of creative assets provided by you and decide the best result. So, don’t worry about figuring out the best result when you use Google Smart Display.

When Google algorithm is doing best for you, you save a lot of time and can utilize your effort in other productive work than this. All you need to do is select the best ads option that suits your business which can be presented in front of the target audience.

Are there any criteria to create Google Smart Display?

Google automatically creates your smart display ads on the base of creative assets you provide. Therefore, you need to know which text and image work best for you.

Use the guidance below to  enhance your smart display ads:

  • For Text:
    • max 25 characters short headlines
    • max 70 characters short descriptions
  • For Image:
    • 5+ Marketing Image: 1.91:1 (Landscape)
    • Logo: 1:1 or 4:1 (Landscape) – depends upon the logo is square or horizontal

The image below describes the additional criteria that have to follow for better performance of the smart display ads

Ad Criteria

Google Smart Display ad Criteria

Tips for creating Google smart display

Creating google smart display is easy to compare with google display ads. Here are some tips which are suitable while creating Google smart display ads.

  • Provide at least five headlines, five descriptions, and five images so that AdWords can give you a variety of combinations. You can also give a large number of creative assets to as many correlations as possible for better conversion.
  • You can also enhance your websites as smart display ads allow you to display existing products. This means that people can see which products are being sold and they might turn in your next customer.
  • Provide a logo, as it will increase the number of placements.

Making use of Google smart display as much as possible is a great way to encourage more traffic to your website. Taking the above three points into consideration can help your business stand out.

How to updated with the happening with Google Smart Display Ads?

You do not need to get worried about it because you will get a summary report. When you use Smart Display you get a bonus report- the Assets Report. This report rank creative assets as best, good or low depending upon the conversion those assets drive.

If your ad has a low rating you can swap that ad with a similar ad like the ad with the best rating. It is better to review the report monthly or bimonthly so that you can change or improve the strategy if necessary.

How Google is a smart display effect Display Remarketing?

As it works with the existing customers, it is slowing replacing Display remarketing.

Smart display ads are more productive while working with your existing customers; it generates more conversion and attracts new customers. Therefore marketers are more into smart display ads.

Though smart display ads are replacing Display remarketing, it has its pros and corns.

Want to know more about Display remarketing?

Display remarketing is used to show the ads to those people who have shown their interest in your products. This is done by tracking people on a number of times they have visited your website, used your app, watch a video, download content, etc.

In other words, Display remarketing is a tactic used by Google AdWords that allows sites to show the behavior of the customers on their website. The data collected from Google AdWords can be used to formulate future strategies.

Google Smart Display

Display remarketing

Advantage of Display remarketing

Though Display remarketing is not the first choice of marketers, it does has some advantages:

  • Customer segmentation: As display remarketing works with the data of your existing customer. The aim of Display remarketing is to convert a potential customer into a revenue-generating customer.
  • Generate conversion: Before marking purchases decision, people tend to visit at least four websites. If you are one of four websites, then remarketing is an option for you.
  • Website traffic: Display remarketing works well when drawing traffic to your website. As it works with existing customers’ data, you can get benefits of redirecting your customers to your website.
  • Customize: Display remarketing allows you to customize your customer, allowing you to choose who can see your display ads.

Normally, Display remarketing works well if you aim to convert a potential customer into a revenue-generating customer.

Disadvantages of Display remarketing

Although Display remarketing is a great platform to advertise, it is not free of disadvantages.

  • There are ads blockers such as Adblock, which prevent remarketing ads from popping up. And display remarketing has no solution to get rid of this problem.
  • Your ads can be seen by those customers who are already interested in your product. Therefore this can be annoying at times and can have a negative effect on the customers.

Although display marketing has fewer disadvantages, these are something to look after. If marketers find some loopholes, then it is very obvious that they will look for an alternative.

The advantages of Display remarketing are extremely well to use; these drawbacks can reduce the interest of the marketers. Marketers will not use that medium for advertising, which brings a negative impact on their business.

Google Smart Display and Display Remarketing is kind of similar tool use for marketing. But Google Smart Display has additional benefits, which make it more convenient to use.


Google Smart Display is a great medium of advertising if you know how to make good use of it. You can use the Smart Display as a strategy to earn more traffic to your website and create awareness.

Smart display ads are getting attention as these place the ads on the website where your potential customers browse. Hence, increasing the chances to turn potential customers into revenue-generating customers.

Many marketers appreciate Google Smart Display, as this saves time and effort as Google AdWords do everything for them. Moreover, marketers can spend their spare time in other productive strategies to earn revenue for the business.