Google Shopping-Advantages For E Commerce Businesses

Google Shopping: Advantages For E-Commerce Business

Are you fed up with bargaining? Well, I am done bargaining for a long time after Google Shopping was available.

Likewise, millions of people have already got rid of bargaining and quarreling to buy the product on public markets. With the evolution of digital technology, people are evolving too, as nowadays, people buy products staying at their house.

Google Shopping has been the most convenient and easy way to purchase any of the products of your choice with a comfortable price tag.

So what is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping isn’t actually buying up an item you desire from a particular website and pay the respective item. Well, it is more of an advertising your product on a search engine. It pops up while anyone searches for a particular keyword relevant to your product.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Here this is the essence and beginning of Google Shopping, also known as the pay-per-click ads that pop-ups on the search engine. It requires an image of the product for each of Google and also requires to keep the data up to date.

The customer then gets engage in their suitable product and land on the landing page through where they can purchase and hopefully have a transaction.

You can see that for each of the product, there’s an image of the product, name, price, and company that has offered the product.

It is also used for comparing the prices between several vendors before purchasing any items online or offline.

What are its advantages for E-Commerce?

Google Shopping is the more advanced and better user experience for the users. People prefer graphical advertising instead of texted ads, which is why having Google Shopping will be more beneficial for online shopping.

1. Better User Experience

As already said that people nowadays prefer more graphical content on advertising, i.e., images, videos, etc. for better display and attention-grabbing. With the use of Google Shopping, you can have an attractive user-experience display of your product.

Google Shopping, with only texted content, is declining at 6% year by year, whereas the graphical content is rapidly increasing its importance.

Also, whenever someone clicks on your Shopping ads, they are determined to buy the product without clicking around and looking for something else. You can have your customers soon as they click and land on your website.

2. Clear Customer Intent

Google Shopping ads provide the filtering of the product to the visitor instead of displaying a broad view of products. It works as the micro-niche as you can have the quick result of what you are searching for. It is basically designed to display or pop up whenever anyone is looking for something to buy.

3. More Qualified Traffic

The visitors generated through Google Shopping ads are more likely to convert into quality customers than regular ads or shopping websites. Due to which the CTR rate of that site increases.

More Qualified Traffic

More Qualified Traffic

People have left to believe in-text ads as reading only a few words won’t be trustful to buy an unknown product. This is why advertising with the image is more favorable that could drag more customers than you expected.

If you have an e-commerce website and wish to gain more conversion and quality clicks, then make sure that you are using Google Shopping. It provides an immediate display of the product price, image, and brand name that makes easier for the visitor to purchase instead of getting lost on a wide variety of similar products.

4. Lower Cost Per Click

As your CTR rate increases with a higher ROI, it is sure that your CPC rate is going to reduce. It provides you more traffic in a low budget as your cost per click is reduced. You can decrease your CPC by up to 25% of the regular price.

Why use Google Shopping?

It’s a really effective technique to improve your conversion and to increase your shopping quality in real-life marketing as well.

To share my personal experience in Shopping ads, a few months ago, whenever I was desperately looking for a DSLR camera, I tried many methods to purchase the camera. To purchase, I would require detail information and belief in a specific brand of camera.

So, I searched the camera on Google Shopping, then the list of top branded cameras was displayed with images, names, price, and a short description.

Google Shopping Camera

Google Shopping Camera

Clicking on the following camera brand took me to a site that presents every detail information about the respective camera. Overall the information present was really good, which gave me the belief and confidence to purchase the product without any second doubt.

Here are some of the reason to use Google Shopping:

  1. Google Shopping is more effective than Google AdWords
  2. People convert more with Shopping Ads
  3. Highlights your products on Search Engine
  4. Great for mobile-perfect
  5. Gain Quality leads and traffic

Ways to optimize Google Shopping

1. Use Original Images

Original images are always trusted by the visitor that could help to increase the interest towards your product. Also, make sure the images are of high quality taken as a professional. Place a good image with the appropriate background to attract the sight of your visitor.

2. Add Reviews and Ratings

If anyone needs to choose a shopping ad with and without ratings, then without a doubt people will choose the one with good reviews and high ratings.

The higher your ratings and review, the larger will become your number of visitor i.e., the larger the customers.

3. Focus on your Top Products

Place your Google Shopping ads for the top product that is liked and bought by the maximum. The engagement to the product will increase as people are more familiar with that product than the one low products.

4. Use Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords prevents your Shopping ads from unwanted visitors and saves your budget from the extra expenditure. For example, if your ads are about the Sneaker from Nike but your product is displayed on the search of the sneaker from Adidas then there is no use of displaying your product.

So, to reduce these issues and unwanted visitors, you have to use negative keywords.


Hence, it is an effective method of running an e-commerce business and to gain maximum potential visitors. I hope you have enhanced your knowledge regarding Google Shopping and the way it works. If you wish to increase your sales on Google then utilization of Google Shopping will be the best move.

So, when are you starting your Google Shopping to grow your e-commerce business?