7 Top Tips For Your Christmas Google Shopping Campaigns

7 Top Tips For Your Christmas Google Shopping Campaigns

Tired of bargaining person to person and still got disappointed not getting able for sale? Well, after reading this complete article about the Google Shopping tips, no more bargaining and getting disappointed. Google shopping tips will provide you every necessary factor that will boost up your Holiday season.

Nowadays, people are more engaged in Google shopping than visiting individual shops to buy their goods. According to the study of eMarketer, paid search is increasing year-on-year and estimated to reach $13.12 billion in 2019.

You can find the huge competition amongst e-commerce advertising their products all over social media as the holiday, festive season, and also Black Friday arrives. So, to be able to reach a higher stand than your competitors and reach your products successfully in the hands of customers, follow these five Google shopping tips to prepare for the holiday season.

1. Include Visuals to every product

No visual of a product equals no sales. Suppose you are the customer and entered a Google shopping website to buy a product. You searched your desired product, but it was out of the image, I am pretty sure no one will buy that product without actually seeing the product. So, the more your product’s image is attractively placed, the more chances will arise that the visitor to choose the product.



People usually go for the design and architecture of the product, if the design impresses the visitor, then there you get your customer. So, better utilize your time properly in creating attractive images to increase your sales.

2. Use every targeting tools

People use various tools to advertise their product so that the advertisement reach to the perfect and relevant people. Now, while advertising your products through social media or Google AdWords, make sure you use every targeting tool to display your advertisement on the wall of relevant people that have an interest in your products.

You can include negative keywords to get free from unwanted visitors. Also, use targeting options with certain age limit, gender, demographics, location, etc. to improve your conversion. Similarly, you can schedule the ads on your desirable day and timing.

3. Inspect your Competitors

Learning from competitors is the best strategy in business. You have to inspect your top competitor time and again and know the path of their success. Check out the ads run by your competitor, then study the ads and create much better ads than that of your competitor.

Competitor Inspection

Competitor Inspection

Also, take a look at the competitor’s insights that Google offers for the comparison purpose. If you are behind your competitor, then find out the cause and improve it. Surely, if you are above your competitors in every way, then people will automatically get attention towards you and your products.

4. Use a fine product title

This is an important way to make your Google Shopping ads better and more productive. People only focus on the very beginning title of your ads before reading the further description of the product. So, the ad title must represent the keyword that must be rich in information.

Your title should be as attractive as the visual content of the product. For this, you can inspect many ads relevant to yours or can get an idea through the competitors how they are representing their ad title and overall ad architecture.

5. Create a perfect landing page

Now, let’s suppose people started to engage and click on your Google Shopping ads, which was the very first intention of creating ads. Then comes the major part of actually doing business by being able to sell your product from your landing page. The landing page must be relevant to your advertisement, and every information must be presented on that page so that the visitor feels secure to buy from you.

There are many cases where people click the ads but won’t convert into customers. It is because of their landing pages that weren’t productive enough. It is equally important than other factors like ad visuals and titles. So, take as much time you want to create a perfect landing page.

6. Place the Right Price

I have noticed that people place discounts on their ads and display a very low price, but while landing on the actual page, the cost is different at higher price. This is very bad way of business to get the user’s attention and engagement.

Right Cost

Right Cost

Also, place the exact amount of price that your product costs for. Drastic increment of price rate seriously hampers on the impression of the user. Always be loyal to the customer and try to win their trust in your brand.

7. Target Local Customers

The holiday season is a crowded and busy time for every business, specially for shopping. So, better target your locals because people want immediate delivery at that moment. If your delivery takes more time then you might lose the customer.

For this, use targeting tools to select the specific location with heavily populated and connected areas. There is more chance that the locals will convert into the customer than people staying abroad.


Hence, prepare yourself for the holiday season by implementing the above tips to increase your business sales. Google shopping is increasing excessively all over the globe so, don’t let your chance of selling through the digital medium go in vain. These 7 Google Shopping tips will improve shopping performance and helps to uplift your business.