Google Display Advertising

9 Reasons To Use Google Display Advertising

Google Display Advertising, that’s where most of the businesses are putting their money on. Upgrading the Business, along with changing the market, is a key to sustain in the market.

Your Business can walk the path of success only if you know where your customers and potential customers are. When the world is moving into digitalization, investing in traditional marketing may not be sufficient for your Business to survive.

Your Business might be going well with traditional marketing but can do much better if you invest in Google Marketing. Improving your business model that also fits the digital marketing platform like Google can be the best option to reach out to all potential customers.

When every Business is allocating money for Google Display Advertising, does your business model have a spot for Google Display Marketing?

“Every Business” includes your competitors as well. Do you know what your competitors are doing? Or how they are doing it? If not, then you may lose your Business.

The business world is getting competitive, and customers are getting digitalized, so sense the change and work accordingly. Get your Business in Google Display Advertising to set your brand name in the mindset of people.

By using Google Display ads to promote your Business, your sales graph can improve while giving a massive amount of revenue. It’s a great platform to take your Business in height you desired.


A short intro to Google Display Advertising

Google Display Advertising is the digital ad shown to the peoples across 2 million websites through the Google Display Network.  These ads are visible to those customers who have shown their interest in the product.

Google algorithm analyzes the previous activities of people and displays the ad to potential customers. The intention of doing this is to get the customers into the Business.

Google Display ads are rich in images, videos, graphics to attract potential customers who are browsing websites, apps, Gmail, which are in  Google Display Network.

Google Display Advertising

Google Display Ads

Display ads are clickable ads that increase traffic to your website as it is embedded with the link to your website. When your display ads get clicks, you pay for every click you get, increasing the number of traffic you on the website.

In order to get huge traffic, you need to know is to use the right keywords. If you are able to use high keywords, then there is a high chance for you to get more conversion.

As the key of the Google Display Advertising is conversion rate, your Ads getting displayed depend upon your conversion rate. Along with this, your ad will perform well only if your headlines, descriptions, and image is attractive and meet all the criteria of the Google AdWords.

9 Reasons to use Google Display Advertising

Google Display Advertising is being used by many small, medium, and big businesses around the globe. All these businesses are using this method with the intention of spreading brand awareness and to get more traffic to their website.

1. Return on investment is high

As you pay whenever people click your Google display ads, this method is best to set your brand name on people’s minds. Once you optimize your ad, you can get the highest return on investment, which may not be possible with other strategies.

However, to figure out which digital advertising approach gives you the best result to give some time and effort. All you need to do is keep on testing and tracking your ads.

If you figure out your ads are not working well in some areas, you need to stop investing in that area. You need to invest in those areas which give you the best return.


2.  Transparency in result

When you use Google Display Advertising, you get a report on the performance of your ad. Moreover, you get updated with the result very quickly.

It becomes easy for the advertiser to analyze the performance to improve the display ads. You can get information regarding the number of clicks, keywords entered, video watched, and many other activities performed by visitors.

Google Ads Result

Display Ad Result

This information lets you upgrade your marketing strategy if necessary. Many marketers are using this strategy as guidance for improving the display ads.


3. Source of high traffic

Google is the biggest platform where people search for their curiosity. Therefore we can conclude that a million people visit google daily and are the biggest source of traffic.

Google’s major source of income is advertising. Thereby, Google is improving its algorithm to upgrade the advertising method so that advertisers can enhance the performance of the display ads.

Businesses can take advantage of this to improve to attract traffic to the website, improving the conversion rate.


4. High engagement

Google AdWords is enhancing its display ad form to generate more engagement. You just need to know what works best for you.

To understand which kind of display ad works best for you, you need to keep trying your display ads in a different format.  When you figure out the best display ad format, this gives you the highest engagement.

You can also get the highest engagement if you know what attracts your existing customers and what your potential customer wants.


5. Create brand awareness

Is your brand not getting enough recognition in the market? You may try Google Display Advertising. Embedding this strategy in your Business, you can ultimately reach your business goal in the short term.

As the world is getting linked by websites, your chances to earn customer increases. With the increasing connections between people, it becomes essential for the brands to make people feel their presents.

This can happen if you move your Business where your potential customers are. You can reach out to the customer if you can use Google as a platform to display advertising.


6. Generate lead

You can generate leads if you are using the Google Display Network to advertise. When you use display advertising to promote your products, Google AdWords allows you to focus on the potential customer.

You can attract lead to your website by refining your display ad to earn more potential customers. This means you can specify your ad with your business logo or the image that attracts more lead to your business website.

Placing the ad where your potential customers are browsing is the best way to attract lead. You can identify your potential customers you deriving the data from the Google AdWords and display ads on those websites.


7. Tract competitors

Knowing your competitors’ steps is essential in every business field. So, digital marketing is not apart from the business field though it is marketing filed; it does not lack competition.

When every Business is AdWords to promote the Business, it is very obvious that your competitors are also in the race of attracting more customers. You can track your customers only if you are in the same race.

Join the same race in which your competitors are and analyze how they are utilizing display ads. This states that you can now move ahead of your competitors by improvising your strategy.


8. Customizable

Google Display Advertising is flexible as you get many options to choose that suit your display ads. This is suitable for any kind of organization, whether it is small or big.

Moreover, with all those options, you can turn traffic to your website. You can do as it has many options to segment your customers, figure out which format to use, and many more.


Google Advertising

Customize tools

Additionally, you can add text, image, videos, graphics and can combine these elements as per your requirement. As you can target customers, you can customize it depending upon whether it appears on the mobile phone or on the website.


9. Cost control advertising

When you use Google Display Advertising, you can set a budget according to the amount you are willing to spend. Using display ads is an effective strategy for businesses, which has a limited budget.

If so, How is this beneficial for big Business? With display ads, you do not have to worry about going over budget, but you have already set it.

However, you can feel that you are going under budget if you identify some spots which can generate traffic. In this situation, you can increase the budget accordingly.


If you are not using Google Display Ads, then these are the benefits you are missing.

And if you think it is time-consuming, then Google AdWords has an upgraded version which is, “Responsive Display ads.”

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ad is an ad that automatically sets the bid, sizes the ad, and appears on the websites of the display network. This eventually saves a ton of time and effort from the marketers who are willing to set up their Business through the display network.

Responsive Display ads do all of these by tracking your existing customers’ behavior on your website. Your responsive display ads work well, depending upon the conversion rate on your website.



Business-person never stops searching for opportunities and also adopt the change to improve their Business. Businesses can take Google Display Advertising as an opportunity or as a technological change to enlarge the Business.