11 Tips To Master Google Display Ads

11 Tips To Master Google Display Ads

Want to use Google Display Ads? Here’s an article about  11 important tips that guide you throughout your marketing journey in Google.

Before you know about Google display advertising you need to know about Google Display Network

Brief information on Display Network

Google AdWords has two branches of the networks, i.e., Search Network and Display Network. Businesses can advertise through the Google Display Network on any of these two branches depending upon their marketing criteria.

The search network is where businesses buy the keywords or phrases from Google to make their website link appear on the top.

On using a display network, businesses place the ads on a huge network of websites across the internet.  Your customers or potential customers may come across your google display ads while they are browsing on their websites.

Now you know about Google Display Network, let’s move ahead on knowing Google Display Advertising.

So, how does Google Display Advertising impact businesses?

There are many marketers who don’t have good knowledge about Google Display ads and are curious to know about it.

Google display ads are the visual banner ads used on websites across the world wide web to support business advertising.  Businesses prefer using these google displays to makes the customers feel their presence in the market in intention to get a positive impact on their sales.

On the other hand, customers are also anxious to know news about their regular brand.  However, this gives an opportunity for marketers to engage their existing customers through google display ads.

Likewise, marketers can also draw the attention of potential customers through google display advertising to turn those customers into regular customers. This can add new customers to the business giving an impactful competition in the market.

Google Display ads


Now you know the basics about Google Display Network and Google Display Advertising, you are ready to know how to influence your customer and potential customers towards your brand.

Here are 11 Tips to Master Google Display Ads

#1: Make use of display remarketing

When the business world is being so much competitive retaining customers is a very difficult task. But some marketers only focus on adding up the customers to earn a profit.

This idea is absolutely understandable. But that does not mean you don’t value your customers. Keeping your existing customers to yourself is very important otherwise they may prioritize your competitors.

Therefore, it is important to value your existing customers as well.

Display remarketing is always a good idea, to begin with.  Remarketing keeps your existing customer engaged by displaying your ads on the website they browse.

Display remarketing is considered to be effective in reaching the customer who has already visited your website. As they are very familiar with your brand, it becomes easy for you to get their trust.

Moreover, display remarketing helps in lowering your CPAs as you keep your existing customers engage. Therefore it is the best way to optimize your google display ads.

#2: Clear information

Your google display advertising becomes interesting to your customer when you display information clearly. An attractive image has a mind striking clear information making customers wanting to click on your ads.

You can expect a higher click-through rate if you use the mind striking words like sale, free shipping, discount. This makes your customers click your ads.

This is one of the important tips which can be taken into consideration to attract traffic to the website.

Google Display Ads

Clear Information Ad

The picture above is a perfect example of the display ad. It has everything that can attract people to click in the ad. The image, headline, description, logo and border are perfectly embedded to make the ad appealing. Along with this, a display ad is featured with Call-to-action which allows customers to land on the website which enables them to know more about it.

Display ad with all these features let the viewers click the ads which means it generates high traffic along with leads.

Therefore, if you are planning to promote your business through Google display ad then this is a perfect example that can guide you.

#3: Geo-targeting

Is your intention to generate leads? You might be aware of the target option in AdWords. This option allows you to focus on those people who have a  high probability of becoming revenue-generating customers.

Segment your customers on the base of your business goal. Understanding customer’s behaviour towards your brand will help you in improving your marketing strategy.

Google lets you set your target across the globe, but that doesn’t mean you target all the people in every country. Segmenting your customers on the base of location will keep your budget safe as well as bring more traffic to your website.

Ideally, this will help you identify which location brings you more conversion, guiding you to adjust your bids to that particular area. This will surely help you save a lot of money, bringing you more sales.

#4: Language targeting

Language targeting becomes effective if you are targeting customers on the base of the location. Many experts say that if you are targeting a particular location, then using the local language is much more effective.

It is very obvious that people are more attracted to ads that have their flavour in it. This strategy is beneficial if you want to gain emotional attention from your local customers.

This is a long-term strategy that let the local customers build trust in you and can turn into loyal customers. Using this strategy, you can establish your place in the market, thereby increasing your sales.

A successful business in a locality is a strong foundation to extend the business in the national market and then in the international market.

#5: Quality score

The quality score is important for many reasons.  One of those many reasons is that Google rewards high-quality score advertisers with lower CPC and good ad positions.

Google calculates the score on the base of the click-through rate, keyword relevance, landing page quality, and account performance.  Quality score seven is considered as a good score, to begin with.

Google Quality Score

The image that you see in the above picture is the quality that you need to fulfil if you want to increase the visibility of your display ad.

#6: Budget

The budget becomes very crucial while advertising. Estimating your budget is necessary for marketers to reach their target.

Budgeting your Google display ads plays an important role while creating ads. Displaying your advertisements in a large space can draw more attention, but maintaining your budget is important.

Starting with a small amount guide you in understanding your customer behaviour. This will help you to allocate your budget if you plan to expand your investment in Google display ads.

#7: Use every formate

You might think that creating ads in every formate is a total waste of time. But it’s not, it’s just a way to reach more customers.

Creating your ads in every formate sound unnecessary, but doing this will increase the traffic on your website. Having an ad in every formate is important because some websites may not support the formate you created.

Moreover, you will know how customers respond to different ad type which let you understand on which ad they are showing interest. Though this may take a lot of time and effort, once you know your customers’ choice you will definitely feel the benefits.

Losing a customer is something no business can afford and adding up a customer is what every business want. Therefore creating your ads in every format becomes important to expand your business.

#8: Allocate budget for testing

Lacking to test your ad can be a big mistake.  Google is continuously adding new features and target methods to reach the right customers.

So, if you are not testing your ads using the new features, then you might have to lose some potential customers. Losing customers is not an option for you in this competitive market if you want to stand out among the rest.

Experimenting your display ad with all the available feature will let you know the strength and weakness of your strategy.  So, you have to allocate enough money to get an accurate result.

Therefore separating your budget for testing is an ideal method to understand how your ads will run. On the beginning, you might have to invest more money but once you know customers’ respond you can focus on that particular format.

#9: Create simple ads

Creating simple and creative ads draw the attention of the customers. You can do this by creating text ads or image ads.

Simple ads are those ads which are not too clumsy. When you create an ad, list out what you want to include in your ad. Then add or eliminate the factors based on the business goal. When you have a final list, start creating the ad.

It has found that image ads have more click-through-rates compare to text ads. Therefore marketers prioritize to use image ads while promoting their brand with the intention to attract more traffic to their website.

#10: Ads for mobile

People are more active on mobile than on a laptop. Thereby, it is important to know the effect of mobile on PPC advertising so that you can optimize easily.

You need to be there where your customers are.

When you are creating your ads, you should not just focus on PCs, but also upgrade your ads to fit any mobile screen. Make sure to create the ad with that format which fix in the mobile screen and attract the customers.

Doing this, you can reach as many potential customers as possible. It is important for every business to keep generating customers to sustain in the market.

#11: Keep your eyes on your competitors

There are competitors in every industry. If your competitors’ google ads are doing extremely well, then analyzing it becomes your core duty.

If you want to know about your competitors, then using SpyFu is a site you must visit. This site helps you check out the best performance keywords of your competitors.

A business needs to know what its competitors are doing to stay in the market and need to have a competitive attitude to stay ahead in the market.

Google Display Ads to grow your business

Google provides you with tools to grow your business in an extremely competitive environment. Small businesses can take good advantage of google to grow in a short period of time.

Reaching your customer is a core factor that showcases your success. And staying on your customers’ minds can lead you to attract more customers giving you a hight amount of sales.

If people are not searching for your products or brand on intent, then using Google Display, Advertising is an impactful measure to reach people.

Google Display Ads

Business Growth

Now you know about display ads, you might have a good knowledge to attract customers towards your brand.

There are other methods on google through which you can attract more customers. Google Dynamic Display Ads are the most likely options to be used for selling the products.

What are Google Dynamic Display Ads?

Google dynamic display ads are the personalized ad content which can swap images, text, URLs, according to the data feed.  This lets you display a variety of products to different audiences saving time and effort of creating ads for every product.

Dynamic display ads allow the customers to view the ad on the base of the products they previously browed. This method is based on targeting the customers who have already been to your website.

Most of the marketers choose to use this method as you can display numbers to products. It is gaining more popularity because you don’t have to allocate a budget for each product which saves a lot of money.

Moreover, google dynamic display ads are using when there is a sale, discount, or offers to attract customers.


Google has created a platform for those startup with less budget to outstand in a short time. Using google display ads, a small business can show its existence and can be competitive in the market.

For bigger businesses, google display ads is important to maintain their status in the market.