5 Steps To Set Up Bing Ads Like A Pro

5 Steps To Set Up Bing Ads Like A Pro

Are you familiar with the term Bing ads before? If not, let’s have a look what it actually is and the purpose it tends to have.

Bing ads is an advertising platform or a pay-per-click platform, and is similar to what google ad’s actually do.

However, Bing Ads beat Google Ads in any cases. Until 2009, the names Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter were the alternative names used for Bing Ads as until that time, Microsoft search engine’s name was not changed to Bing.

Way To Set Up Bing Ads:

The criteria to start up with your ads is easy. But it is not necessary that everyone is aware of the ways to set up their Bing ads like a pro. There are certain integral steps which need to be taken into account.

If one needs to set up Bing Ads to run marketing and advertising campaigns for their businesses, they should follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Start With It?

Firstly, you need to create an account on Bing. Next you need to is log in and then press the create campaign button to start with it. Before creating your campaign, you must be aware of your campaign goal.

Bing account set up

Bing Account Set up

Your campaign goal forms the basis of your marketing strategy. This makes the prior features of the Ads available for you.
Your goals can be among: visiting your business locations, getting greater number of phone calls, sell products with Bing Shopping Campaigns and so on.

You can place your mouse on the question mark to get to know more about these goals.

How To Complete Your Campaign Settings?

This step makes you mention the important details of your campaign and where you actually wish your ads to be placed. You need to mention the name of your campaign in it.

Also, the budget of your campaign must be included, that is how much you will be able to spend on it. After this, you need to fill in the space for language, in which you are supposed to opt for the language of the websites on which you want your ads to be available on.

Next is, mark the location for your ads to appear. Completing this form, you need to mention who you want to target. It means the people in your location or the ones who view pages about it.

How To Choose Your Keywords?

The third important step to set up your ads like a pro involves the inclusion of keywords and ad groups. Ad groups forms campaigns, and are formed by the cluster of keywords joined together.

Google Planner Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keywords are what people actually search for when they are finding any service or product.

Bing serves you in a way that it gives recommendations for keywords. Be sure to mention your URL, and some details about the services or products you tend to market or advertise.

This way, your name of group and the related keywords will become part of your campaign. You can save your work when done with it.

How To Create Your Bing Ads?

Creating your ad requires you to opt for the kind of ad you want for your campaign. The other essential details which need to be filled in your form include your ad title, ad text and display URL.

Next you need to fill out the options for preferences and landing pages. This sums up what you need to include. After making sure that you have filled the required information properly, all you need to do is save it.

After this, you need to include the ad extensions in accordance with your campaign goal. The purpose of ad extensions is to make your ads extensive and attractive, when viewed by your target consumers.

How To Select Your Bids And Budget?

The last but one of the backbones when you decide to set up Bing Ads, is to select you bids and budget. What is supposed to be done is adding up specific rules.

Other than this, Bing can make changes in bids in accordance to what is done by your competitors in the market. You have to decide how much you can bid for your keywords. For this, you need to keep your campaigning budget in mind and the bidding strategies as well.

Bidding strategies are all about how one is supposed to manage his bids. If you feel content having both of these, you are ready to launch your campaign.

Ways to Take Benefit Of The Pro-tips:

Five steps mentioned above the ample enough to make one capable of setting up Bing Ads like a pro.

But they could be made even better if you follow a few tips in order to avail the maximum advantages for your Ads. You need to make sure that you don’t lose patience when you set up an Ad campaign.

It takes time for Bing ads to get their statistics updated. so you should wait for it rather than making haste. After giving it some time, you need to initiate the testing.

You need to know what provides you with the best CTR, so what you can do is display multiple ads with different copy. You can also run ads with several techniques of targeting to know which audience will provide you with the best ROI.

Other than this, think of running your ad when there aren’t working hours in your zone. You aim to target people, so you should make sure that they are free, without being involved in chores.


The statements mentioned above completely justify the ways of setting a Bing Ad professionally. It has every relevant detail required by a person who aims to run a successful campaign for their product or services.

Every month, a large number of people approach to Bing as it is supposed to be a powerful search engine. You also need not to pay huge amounts for Bing, that means it is relatively cheaper than other search engines or PPCs.