6 Reasons You Need To Use YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

6 Reasons You Need To Use YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

If you are a business and want to promote your business in the digital market, then YouTube Pre-Roll Ads is something you should not miss. When video marketing is taking a height, YouTube is introducing different formats to promote the brands and products.

Out of all these formats, YouTube Pre-Roll Ads is becoming a favourite of many marketers. Are you new in YouTube ads? Then here are the reasons you should prioritize pre-roll ads.

6 Reasons You Need To Use YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Nowadays, people are shifting from cable televisions to YouTube to watch content. It’s a great opportunity for the business to promote their products. As a business person, you need to be passionate enough to try a new technique to figure out what works for your business.

And something new that you can try is video marketing. A trending formula in the business world to reach the right customers is video ads.

youtube pre roll ads

Pre-Roll Ad

If you already have an account in Google Adwords, then you are ready to go on YouTube. And the best way to enter  in YouTube is through Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-Roll Ads are the most acknowledged YouTube Ads Format to promote the brand, which appears before the main video. These ads are of  15-20 seconds duration.

Here are the reasons you need to be using pre-roll ads.

Targeting Options

Pre-Roll Ads allow you to segment the customers to improve your ad performance and reach the right customers. This gives advertisers huge opportunities to turn potential customers into revenue-generating customers.

In this age of personalization, your brand or services will not fit every individual. So, it becomes very necessary to identify who is your customers, what are their interests, and how can you reach then?

youtube targeting options

Targeting options

In order to reach the right customers, YouTube has targeting options that just not let you filter customer into age and gender, but into different segments. Here are some targeting options that let you segment the customers.

  • Search base target: This strategy lets you place your ads on the YouTube video on the base of YouTube search history. When you use search base targeting options, you can also reach those viewers from other channels that have relevant content like yours.
  • Customer match target: To match your ad with customers, Google Ads allows you to upload an email subscriber list. Now you can use these emails to target those customers. This strategy increases your revenue in the short term.
  •  Psychographic target: This target is also called interest target that lets you target your customers on the base of value, attitudes, lifestyle, and hobbies. You can get this data from previous campaigns. Reaching your customers’ mindset lets you know customers better.

Brand awareness

When the market is being so competitive, you, as a business, need to adopt some strategy to your brand stand above competitors. When most of the advertisers are using preferring pre-roll ads, you should also incorporate this into your business model.

Pre-Roll Ads are played automatically just before the main video. Although it has a skip button, it set your brand name on the customers’ mind of as it plays automatically.

The major benefits of this ad are that even if the viewers skip the ad, your brand is already exposed to them. The ad viewer might not need your product at that particular time, but that viewer can be your future customer.

The motive of pre-roll ads is to make the customers feel your existence. This ad format has proved to be very effective in creating brand awareness.

Youtube preroll ads

Brand Awareness

This ad work so well, as it is an informative ad, thereby creates the highest engagement generating new customers. If you are a new business on YouTube and want to generate engagement than pre-rolls can definitely benefit you.


Pre-Roll ads are so convincing to the many viewers tend to watch the whole ad. Viewers like this strategy as the content in these ads are informative and are presented interestingly.

Many advertisers prefer this ad format because of its duration. It has 15-20 seconds of duration, which allows them to incorporate some detail in the ads.

When the advertiser is trying to add details, it should have on the point information to reduce the clumsiness of the ad. Most importantly, you need to create a clear, informative ad which should match your business goal.

This ad formant tends to be convincing to the viewers as you can targeting the customers who may buy your product. Moreover, Pre-Roll ads have the longest duration, which allows the advertiser to add creative elements to make the ads innovative and attractive.

Less interruptive

Do you want your viewers to watch your whole ads and want your viewer to be interactive? Then all you need to do is create pre-roll ads.

These ads are interactive as they comparatively less distributing then other video ad formats of YouTube. As this ad is presented at the beginning of the video viewers, find it less interruptive.

When ads become less interruptive, the process of creating brand awareness becomes easier. This means that more portion of the viewers will watch full videos, some viewers may interact with the ads, and few of them may skip it.

This indicates that you are able to fit your brand name in your viewers’ minds. And this can have a positive impact on viewers by turning viewers into consumers.

Call to action

Pre-Roll ads have some impressive elements that let the viewers engage with the ads. Getting your viewer to watch your ad till is the end is a great start.

But then, it is not possible for you to let your viewers watch the whole ad.  The solution to this is all an interactive element in your ad, which is, “Call to action.”

Call to action ads


Now you have incorporated CAT in your ads; there is a possibility that curious viewers will click on to it. This can happen if you create an interesting first half of the pre-roll ad.

When the viewer clicks on CAT, it takes your viewers to a landing page. If your landing page is your website, then this can increase the traffic on your website.

With the increasing traffic on your website, it can also help you generate leads. Therefore this will obviously help expose and expand your business in the market giving your competitors tough competition.

Conversion rate

YouTube is upgrading its algorithm to help marketers to expand their business market by reaching a larger portion of customers. Pre-roll ads are a great medium to drive your conversion rate.

As an advertiser, you should know that the conversion rate has a great impact on your digital marketing platform. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who perform certain activities on the website that complete your business goals.

A higher rate indicates that your marketing campaign has performed successfully. This means that your customers are getting what they desired.

The main intention of the marketers is to make digital marketing a successful platform for their business. So, why not use Pre-Roll ads? Pre-Roll ads get more attention from the viewers creating brand awareness.


Youtube conversion rate

Conversion Rate

Pre-roll ads have interactive elements that let the viewers take to the link you embedded in it. If you get more clicks, it is very obvious that you increase the chances of generating more conversion.

If you are thinking of improving the conversion rate without interrupting your viewers while watching the main video, then pre-roll ads can be the best solution for you.

However, does a pre-roll ad suits all businesses?

Many marketers might have this question in their mind. The answer to your curiosity is “YES,” it suits all types of businesses.

Whether your business is small, medium, or large, it suits every business even though you are an industrial business pre-roll ads suits you too.

The one thing that you need to know while creating your YouTube Pre-Roll ads is that you need to make your ads attractive enough that the majority of viewers won’t skip.

This means, your content should have creative elements, high-quality video, interactive dialogues. If you incorporate all these elements, then you are good to start the pre-roll ads, even if you are a startup.


But, can Pre-Roll ads generate leads?

Pre-roll ads are appropriate YouTube ad format for a business if you want to attract the right person. This means,  if you create pre-roll ads targeting the potential customers then there is a very high chance you will generate lead.

Many advertisers are considering Pre-Roll ads as a powerful YouTube ad because of its capability to attract more customers. Pre-Roll ads are played before the main video and this is the main reason that draws customers attention.

There are certain factors you as an advertiser need to know to attract lead. You need to decide the location, demographic, placement and keyword for your ads. This tactic has eventually proved to be beneficial.

When you are specific about who your target audiences are then you are creating awareness to the right customers. Implementing this tactic you are attracting that portion of the market who are more likely have an interest in your product and may buy them in future.

One main factor that you can engage the viewers is through the content. Content is the strength of your videos. You can create powerful content by adding fascinating images and dialogues, using a high-quality camera, and delivering a story that matches your target customers.

If your intension is to generate a lead, you need to be very specific about your target customers and should know what attracts them so that you can create the ad video accordingly.


So, How to create attractive Pre-roll ads?

The first thing you need to know is people do not watch YouTube for your ad. Therefore, you need to be conscious while developing the content. When you eliminate factors or add factors on the content you need to focus on creating that content which engages people.

When creating content you need to focus on your brand and you can use other factors as a support to your brand. Strong supporting factors are images and dialogues. Along with this, you can implement video graphical skills to more your ad more attractive.

Along with this, if you are able to tell a story in the Pre-Roll ad then you can engage viewers in your ad. Engaging people in the ad is a key factor to judge the success of your ad. When your create an appealing ad video along with a story-line, that’s what keeps people engage in your ads.

Important factor

Moreover,  you can add a call-to-action button on your Pre-roll ads as this can increase the conversion rate. Make sure the call-to-action land your customers to the website or the page that relates your ad video.

There is a high probability that people will click on the call-to-action button as pre-roll-ads draw the attention of more customers. But the important point is, customers will click on that button on if they can relate your ad.

The bottom line of this discussion is that your video ad is attractive only if your customers are able to relate it with themself.


Final Thought

Now you got all the reasons to promote your brand through Pre-Roll ads. When video marketing is getting so intense, avoiding YouTube for product promotion can have a negative impact on your business.

The market is becoming competitive; you need to know how your customers behave in a certain situation. This is only possible if you monitor their behaviour. To make your work easier, Youtube prepares a report for you with all your customers’ activities.

You can analyze the report, which can help you bring some changes if necessary or can guide you to improve your Pre-roll ads. This lets you know what your customers like and what your customers are not liking.

Interacting with the customer is becoming a trend nowadays. There is no other way for better interacting then interacting through video.

Want help to create your own YouTube Pre-Roll ads? Get in touch with Addicted 2 PPC; We can help you with it.