How To Set Up A Landing Page That Converts

How To Set Up A Landing Page That Converts

No matter how popular or expensive it is your keyword, if you lack a proper landing page, then all your effort and investment go to vain. Your landing page creates half of the chance that the visitor converts into a customer. You need a high-quality engaging main page to increase conversion rate.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is that golden page where people end up after clicking your Google ads. It is the page where visitors get converted into customers by purchasing your products or service. By the policy of Google, the URL of your landing page and URL used in your Google ads must have the same domain.

It is the page where the visitor gets their first impression; also, the quality of your landing page determines the Quality Score of your website so, you better work really hard to make the page perfect from every angle.

Let us suppose you have hundreds of keywords with high CTR rates, but your landing is really crappy, I tell you that you won’t be getting any conversions.

So, I guess you are reading this article, hoping to get some ideas to improve your landing page and increase the rates of conversion.

For your ease, I have collected some tips you can apply to improve your landing page.

1. Include relevant and original content

Make sure your landing page includes the relevant and original content that your ad text and keyword represent. Don’t ever fake your ad text or keyword to drag the visitors because it will only cost you and won’t lead to conversion.

Original Contents

Original Contents

Be faithful and provide specific information on what the users are looking for. It will increase trust and reliability to your Google ads. If your ads represent Samsung’s smartphone, then you put Samsung’s smartphone inside your landing page. Cheating the customer means cheating on your business.

Also, provide original content like click a photograph of a smartphone yourself and upload it on your main page rather downloading from Google or any other sites. The more original your landing page looks, the more people will trust your products and won’t think twice to convert into a customer.

2. Create easy navigation both on mobile and desktop users

Don’t make people search for the information they are looking for. Design your page in such a simple way that people will immediately see all the necessary requirements on the landing page so they can engage faster.

If you own an e-commerce website, then you can provide a landing page that makes customers easy to order the products mentioned on your Google Ads. Also, one more important thing is not to annoy people with pop-up advertisements to interfere them. This will only irritate them, and you might lose your customers.

Instead, it helps the visitors to find and purchase the products.

3. Make sure your landing page loads faster

Load speed is important for every kind of website. It increases the number of traffic towards your site and improves the user experience. People nowadays desire immediate reaction to their action else they just bounce out from that site.

Fast Landing page

Fast Loading

Faster landing pages generally increase conversion rate, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) allows you to create pages that load faster. Speed has become one of the factors to improve the landing page so, it always accelerates the loading speed.

4. Provide Transparency

Be honest with your customers and provide every information related to your business to they can trust you and purchase from you without any second thoughts. Because people might not trust the websites that they have visited for the very first time.

So, you need to crystal clear and transparent with your customers and explain what your business is all about. Also, explain your products with proper manual and instruction to use the product. Provide your contact detail if in case any customer would want to create a connection with your business for future purposes.

While requesting a personal information from the customer, provide a clear reason to use their personal information so they can be the relief and trust you even more.

5. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Including CTA is a mandatory part of the landing page to create an easy and quick way to connect with the customer. Basically, CTA is used by the customer to communicate with the website owners whenever any issue occurs. It is the direct pathway between customer and website owners. People want every possible information on that main page like the CTA.

You can find tons of CTA varieties that you can include on your landing page such as:

  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
  • Get Started
  • Join us
  • Learn More
  • Claim Your Free Trial

This will increase the user’s engagement to your page and leads them to conversion.

6. Include Countdown Clock

Have you ever faced a situation where you just got to the store, and only five items are were left that you were thinking of buying, and people are rushing to that store to buy that final five-piece of the item?

CountDown Timer

CountDown Timer

Well, the countdown clock works somehow like that. It is like a ticking timer that shows your products are running out of stock, and you have got a limited time offer to order the products. This will create psychological scarcity in the mind of visitors on losing their chance to get hands-on your products.

This technique works most of the time to increase sales. So, you can include this feature on your landing page to increase the number of customers.

7. Give your best design

Finally, the design quality is the main factor in creating a landing page for your Google ads. No-one will want to land on the crappy landing page to make purchases instead, people would like to see attractive designs that could stop them and push towards conversion.

Your main page design should be the reason to increase the number of conversions. You are free to create several landing pages with different page designs and targeting specific locations and audiences then you can run an ad test for the results. Include attractive images, videos, and contents that are relevant to the ad title and keywords.


Hence, include all of these features while creating the landing page and increase your quality score, gain more conversions, and grow your business. Always keep your main page simple without complicating with un-necessary information.

After the user’s click on ad, it’s the landing page that keeps them hold and takes the users towards the way of conversion. Your main page should be the attention-grabbing page that encourages visitors to convert.

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