What Is PPC? Learn Everything About PPC Advertising

What Is PPC? Learn Everything About PPC Advertising

If you are familiar with online advertising, then you must have heard about the word PPC, i.e., Google AdWords. It is a service provided by Google itself. You might have a great website for your business with greater content and amazing design but what’s the use if nobody clicks to your site?

So, to provide value to your website, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising method to bring tons of online visitors to your site.

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising platform provided by Google, where an advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money to Google for each click on the ads. It is a way of buying the visitor from the search engine result page. Instead of gaining the natural process of search engine optimization, it buys instantly with the money.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Whenever a visitor clicks on your Google ads, then you have to pay a certain amount of fee. This is called cost per click (CPC). It is one of the most popular and powerful search engine advertising that places your Google ads on top of the search engine result page according to your keyword bidding strategy.

The higher you bid your keywords, the higher you rank on SERP.

PPC is a campaign where you have to make sure everything goes perfectly fine before making your Google ads live on the search engine. Initially, the keywords shall be researched and start to bid higher than your competitors. The landing page shall be perfectly created with relevant information. So, to run PPC ads without any issues, you have to make sure that your PPC ads campaign is perfect.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the most popular and known PPC advertising of Google that creates an ad that is displayed on the screen of the search result page. The management and publishing of your PPC ads are handled through Google AdWords from keyword research to testing your Google ads.

Whenever anyone searches on the search engine, Google places the winner page to the top of the result page. We only see a few ads on the top. It is because Google checks every factor like quality score, the relevance of keywords and ad campaign to pick the best winner that surpasses every other competitor.

Google AdWords PPC Advertising

Google AdWords

If you want to gain full benefit through PPC advertising, you must have an idea about Google Quality Score. Because the Google Quality Score affects your PPC ads to perform its best and the cost for each click.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is the fundamental rating score performed by Google to place better ads at the top. To gain a higher quality score, you have to consider the following points:

Higher the quality score, better the performance of your Google ads. Improve all of the following and get a higher score and impress Google to place your ads on top.

Why should you prefer PPC Ads over others?            

PPC Ads might be the most expensive online advertising than others but you cannot expect a better result and tons of leads as this method does. I will choose PPC advertising with my eyes closed every single time because it is far better and quicker than any other platform.

Well, here are some reasons why PPC provides a better results than other platforms.

1. The quickest form of advertising

Advertise your content on Google and wait a couple of days, then gain tons of leads and grow your business. Billions of searches are performed daily on Google which means, your google ads can be viewed or seen on search engine result page by billions of people.

Quick Advertising

Quick Advertising

Also, if everything goes right, your ad will be placed on top of the search engine which means no one can ever resist your ad without getting engaged. If you are running out of clients or leads, PPC advertising is the one you are looking for that can change your business in a short time.

2. Better audience target

Targeting your desired audience or location is the best option that an advertising platform can offer. You cannot be sure that only advertising your content will generate quality leads and will convert. For that, you have to target the specific location and specific people, if possible that shows a big interest in the relevant product or service that you are about to offer.

This will decrease the number of ads, i.e. reduce the money that you spend on running ads and increase the change of high conversion as only interested people interact with your ads. Google provides a targeting option like age, location, gender, demographics, etc.

3. No need for SEO

As all of you know, the meaning and working strategy of SEO it is an alternative to PPC. People nowadays mostly depend upon SEO to get higher placing on the search engine result page. But, if you go with PPC advertising, there is no need for implementation of SEO or hire an SEO expert and charge them until you wish to rank on Google.

Also, SEO requires several months of hard-working to see the results but not even sure that your article will successfully rank on 1st position. Now with the use of PPC, you can get faster results without hiring several people or wait months.

4. Increase brand awareness

Surely, your brand recognition will rise as soon as your ad is placed on top of the search engine. If the relevant keyword is searched, your ad which holds your brand name is displayed that no one can resist. Everyone does see the name of your brand that automatically increases the awareness of your business and brand.

PPC Ads Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

Google has the largest number of audience, which is why the maximum number of people will view your ads.

5. You only pay for Clicks

Until and unless your ads won’t get clicked by the people, you don’t have to pay for Google. The brand awareness can be done free of cost until your ad gets clicked. Also, there will be a pretty good chance that the visitor would convert because only interested people are engaged in your ads due to the targeting strategy. This means, although without wasting money, your ads can have a top placement at google search engine result page.


PPC advertising would be the perfect choice for those who are impatient of gaining results from their online advertising. No matter it requires a higher budget that others but if you want the best, you have to invest at best.

So, when are you advertising on PPC?