The Essential Guide To Search Engine Marketing

The Essential Guide To Search Engine Marketing

Positioning your business in the digital market is what required in this age of technology. In this technological revolution, there is everything you need to know about search engine marketing.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a core marketing strategy which is being highlighted to gain traffic to the brand websites.  It is a paid strategy where the advertiser has to pay for every click they get on their website.

Marketer specialists are being attracted to this strategy because it is creating brand awareness and increasing sales graph. With SEM strategy, you can target the customers in mass or segment the customer depending upon the business model.


Know your customers’ behavior pattern

Tracking your customers’ become possible with the use of SEM. You can know who is visiting your website, what they are searching for, and how many times the customers have clicked the link.

With SEM, you can capture who is searching for their need, and later, they may come across a paid ad. Because of this reason, you can track every behavior of your customer.


 Combination of SEO and SEM for marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic method of getting traffic to your website for free.  SEO with engaging and interesting content can help your website get a top ranking.

SEO and SEM both rely on keywords to drive traffic to your business website.   A combination of SEO and SEM is considered to be best to get more out of Search Engine Marketing.

SEO is the strongest foundation for SEM to work properly. If your business has an SEO friendly website, then you can use strong keywords to your customer, which can help you rank your site at the top.


Best digital mechanism

How to combine SEM and SEO to meet the business goal?

Combine SEM and SEO marketing strategies can take your business to the next level. It’s an intelligent way to make your business visible in the digital market.

The steps that you can take into consideration are:

Keywords and Phrases

You need to know that keywords and phrases are the important pillars in SEM strategy. For that, you need to research which keywords or phrases are more likely to be used by the customers to search for the products.

To know the potential keywords or phrases, you need to know the current situation of your business website, and likewise, you also need to know about the competitors’ website.

After that, you need to focus on customers’ needs and how they seek to resolve their problems online. Which means you need to know what words they will be typing to search for the product.

 SEM campaigns- must use strategy

To generate immediate results, starting SEM campaigns is the best option for your business. SEM  campaigns can drive purchases, increase sign-ups, phone calls, and more increasing the number of potential customers.

As the SEM campaign provides an immediate result, it also supports in future SEO strategy. SEO strategy takes months to deliver the result, but with the SEM campaign, you can get the result in a short time.

Once your SEO strategy gives an excellent result, then you can modify your SEM campaign. You can lower your budget on the SEM campaign and spend your time and effort on creating an SEO  strategy.


Investing in SEO

A successful SEM campaign can give improve the performance of SEO. Using an organic position for the campaign can be beneficial if your business website can provide information that customers may search for.

The result that you can draw from SEM campaign is that which topic attract the more customer. This will guide you through creating well-targeted content that answers all curiosities of the customer.

This will increase the potential of your business to achieve your goal as quickly as possible.


SEM cycle


Know more about SEM campaign

SEM campaign is a marketing strategy that generates ads in search engines. This marketing strategy help is positioning your business website on the top positions of search result.

Components of SEM campaign


Keywords are the text that your customer will type in the search engine to search. For the search engine to put your link first, you need to buy the keywords for which your customers are likely to use.

Before you decide which keyword to buy, you need to know who is your target customer and which keywords will find your business. You have to know more about your customers’ minds before you decide your keywords.



PPC (Pay Per Click) is the blessing of SEM campaigns. The advantage of PPC is that you can decide which keywords and you just have to pay only if the user clicks the link.

This advantage of PPC will create brand awareness as well as attract more customers to your website. When there is more flow of customers on the site, there is a chance of turning your visitor into a customer.



It is the data that Google directly gives you. That data consists of the number of times your ad is displayed to search.

These data can be the guidance to improve your business model with will ultimately enhance your business status in the market.



Google considers certain things before positioning your ad on the top. The content that you create has to be for the customer and has to attract the customers.

Although you pay for your content to appear on the top, your content has to be attractive and must generate customer engagement.


Quality Score

Google scores from a scale of 1 to 10 depending upon the relevance that you can bring to the customers. For you to be a good advertiser, you need to know to attract the customer. This will give you an extraordinary amount of money in your business.

Google considers 7 as an excellent quality score.


What are the benefits of SEM campaigns?

SEM campaign is all about using technology to position your business in the market. Implementing the SEM campaign in your business will place you above all your competitors, giving you the advantage to gain customers to your business.


Segmenting your customer on the base of age, gender, occupation depending on your business model will have a better chance to hit the target. Google makes it possible to segment your customers to achieve a better result.


Generate more traffic

The goal of the campaign is to appear on the top result of the search engine to generate traffic on your business website.

Monitoring the result

This feature of Google helps you track the information about the campaign any time you wish.  Moreover, you’ll have detail information about your customer behavior on your website.

Accomplish the performance of SEO

When combing SEM and SEO, you will get an idea to generate a strategy for future marketing. A good Search Engine Marketing campaign will help the SEO to obtain a better position in search engines.

Cost control

The best part about SEM is that you can control your budget to some extent. All you have to do is that you need to fix the amount you would like to expense, and you only pay money only if there is some interaction on the website.

Obtain a lead  

The major function of SEM is to answer all the questions of the customer. You should target to obtain more customers to your website, and this can be done by creating interesting content.

Things that you must undertake before launching your SEM strategy

Although the SEM campaign is beneficial to create awareness and generate revenue in the business, there are certain things to be considered.

Identify if your business can afford pay search

Paid search can drive traffic to your website. Paid search increases the SERP result, and it is the most effective digital media investment.

For a small business to using paid search may not be possible. Using the free organic search can be beneficial for these businesses to gain customers.

Stick to your goal

Before you start your Search Engine Marketing campaign, it becomes important to know what is your business goal. The longer you sit to your goal and keep improving your SEM campaign strategy, you have the highest chance to achieve your target.

Brand or product campaign

Through SEM, you can promote your business as well as your product. Before you do the SEM campaign, you need to know whether you are promoting a brand or product.

Sample landing page

Paid search performs well only if your landing page has an attractive and easy-going layout. Customers tend to be more engaged in those websites, which is attractive and have answers to all of their question.


The major goal you can achieve through an SEM campaign

  • To boost the sales online or in-store
  • Encourage customers to purchases to generate sales opportunities
  • Generate traffic to your website by getting the right users to your website
  • To convert a website visitors into a potential customer then into an actual customer
  •  Position your business in the digital market
  • Get a competitive advantage in the market