8 PPC Tips to Boosts your Google AdWords

8 PPC Tips To Boosts Your Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most popular and powerful online advertising in this digital era. Google ads drive more than 50% of the organic search. It is an alternative way of ranking the keywords and placing them on the top of the Search Engine Result Page.

Google AdWords can be really vast and complicated if you are a beginner or first time user. But if used properly with PPC tips then it will provide you the best and maximum profit than any other method. Without the proper implementation of PPC tips and tools, you might only be wasting your advertising investment on vain without generating an adequate amount of leads and conversions.

Here are 9 PPC Tips to Boosts your Google AdWords:

1. Valuable Keyword Research

Keywords researching is the base of every advertising campaign. Your keyword is what lets people view your Google ads on Google. And only valuable keywords can provide you the maximum result which you meant to gain through the implementation of Google AdWords.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Don’t make a mistake choosing the costly, highly competitive keywords aiming that will generate high leads. Instead, it might get highly complicated and you might lose your money. So, always have a try from low valued keywords which will help you learn many things on the way to advertising. Make sure the keywords you are selecting are relevant to your niche website. No matter how much time it requires to find the best keyword, take your time and pick out the finesse keyword.

2. Keyword Bidding Strategy

Now, after picking the finesse keyword to lead your Google AdWords, it is the time that you start bidding the keyword to place on the very first page of Google SERP. You really need to be careful in this phase because it is the phase where you use your money for running ads and pay money to Google.

You can bid your keywords according to these four terms:

  • Conversion-Based Strategies
  • Impression-Based Strategies
  • Click-Based Strategies
  • Views or interaction-based

Choose the most relevant and favorable strategies to your website and gain the ultimate result with the proper use of Google AdWords.

3. Location Targeting

Now that you have completed the keyword bidding strategy and also picked the most relevant one, you have to look further for targeting a suitable location to run your ads. Your targeting can determine the percentage of your result that you can gain.

Location Targeting

Location Targeting

Let’s suppose that you created an ad without targeting a suitable location or audience; then, your advertising will be broad. You have to advertise your product more than necessary to gain more leads. Because many percentages of people are not interested in your ads. So, to increase the number of interested and engagements, you must target a suitable area as well as the interested people who can actually convert through your ads. Targeting helps to save your money from investing in unwanted locations and audiences.

4. Use of Ad Extensions

Ad Extension is the free bonus space of ad content provided by the Google Ads. You can add extra information on your Google AdWords, which will create more visibility to your ads and many people will stop a second on your ads because you don’t have to click on your ads for gaining the information. Much important information can be gained only from the initial ads.

Before clicking on ads, people know something about your ads, and if they are interested, then only they will click. It will reduce the bounce rate and reduce the unwanted expenses on the ads. Also, only interested people click on your ads that automatically increase the number of leads and conversions.

5. Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords refer to those keywords that keep away the unwanted visitors to your Google Ads. It instructs the Google search engine not to display your ads for those certain keywords (Negative Keywords).

This will save your money as only interested people can see your ads. For example, if your keyword represents the marketing of laptops, then the people who search with keywords like cheap laptops, free laptops, or old and restored laptops are kept far from displaying your ads. It is because it is confirmed that it is not an adequate customer for your ads.

6. Start Remarketing

Remarketing is the process of interacting with the previously visited people who were, unfortunately, unable to convert as potential customers. Improving the previous ads, you can re-target those visitors with better ad content. It works by placing your ads in front of their browsing page creating brand awareness.



You can display your ads while the people are actively searching for relevant products like yours. Remarketing provides efficient pricing with an automatic keyword bidding. You can choose several remarketing methods like video marketing, customer list marketing or dynamic marketing.

7. Landing Page

Create the best possible landing page to get the positive first impression of your visitor. People will only stay on your website’s landing page if it requires every necessary information that they are looking for. Take as much time it requires and prepare an amazing landing page that people can’t resist.

Only because of the wired and uninformative landing page, you might lose the potential customer which you don’t want to happen. So, this is also one of the vital parts that you need to provide the best for conversions.

8. A/B Ads Testing

Never miss the testing after completing all the above parts. It will let you know whether all the settings you made before is perfect or not. If any part is lacking then before making your ads live on Google search engine, you can have another chance to create a perfect ad.

Marketing is the game of testing and optimizing the same thing time, and again until every corner is pitch-perfect, that will generate a huge result. So, always make sure to test multiple times before making your ads live.


Google AdWords is an incredible online advertising tool that is used perfectly with every tip given above can bring you tons of leads and conversion within a few couples of days. With the use of these PPC tips, I hope you will gain a maximum positive result.

So, when are you running your ads through Google AdWords?