9 Things PPC Specialists Perform To Increase Your Sales

9 Things PPC Specialists Perform To Increase Your Sales

PPC specialists are marketing experts that help in growing the business.  They work for their client’s success. PPC specialists come with different strategies that really work. However, running Ads is an easier task, but generating sales from it with a limited budget and higher ROI is quite tricky to achieve.

PPC advertising involves running PPC campaigns and flooding ads over the internet. Unfortunately, only ads won’t be sufficient for getting conversions and sales. Moreover, you will have to manage an enormous budget if the quality of the ad is low. PPC specialists can help you through it. PPC specialists have a bevvy of traits for carrying out the campaign successfully.

Day-to-day tasks of PPC Experts

We will be discussing the significant tasks in detail in the rest of the articles. Here is the list of daily tasks that PPC specialists do.

  • Checking Email and responding accordingly
  • Monitoring the performance
  • A/B testings analysis
  • Research competitors
  • Content Creation
  • Reporting
  • Technology trend watching

How PPC specialists Increase your sales?

PPC Experts make plans according to the goals and objectives of the company. The PPC experts need to understand the business very carefully so that PPC advertising can be done accordingly. For example, the strategy for hardware companies won’t work for software companies. However, It’s not surprising if I say both companies use sales funnel strategy but in a different way. Here are the top 9 tasks that PPC specialists perform for increasing the sales in your business.

How PPC advertising influence the business

PPC advertising for increasing sales

1. Running PPC Campaigns

Without getting the business goals, running PPC advertising is a wastage. Having knowledge about the product/services, target audience, etc. is beneficial for making the strategy to sprint the PPC campaign.

For any PPC specialist, running and managing the PPC campaign is the primary task. The PPC specialists follow the AIDA model for conversions.

The PPC campaigns consist of five elements:

  • PPC Campaign
  • ad group
  • keywords
  • Ad text
  • Landing Page

There could be various PPC campaigns for the same business. Every campaign consists of an ad group, keywords, ad text, and Landing page. Several keywords are present in a single ad group having the same target. The PPC experts are conscious of negative keywords and other optimizations. The ad texts are headlines, descriptions, ad copy, etc. that grab the attention of audiences. Landing pages are the website pages for sales conversion.

The major target is conversion. While sprinting the PPC campaign, it’s requisite to focus on brand awareness and hence running the CPM campaign. Brand awareness is always the first priority. The major jobs of PPC specialists for managing a campaign are

  • Proper structuring the campaign
  • Keyword strategy and research
  • Adding Negative keywords
  • The building, and refining the campaign’s landing pages
  • Creating ads
  • Controlling the budget

2. Improving the Ad Quality

Ad quality is an essential feature in PPC ads to generate lead and conversion. While creating ad, it must have attractive elements that encourage the viewers to click the ad.

The Ads go to auction for its placements on the publisher’s website or search engine. The Quality Score of an ad determines perfect ad space. The quality score helps to increase the pay per click profits and effective placement of ads on the publishers’ website.

PPC specialists analyze various factors for improving the quality score of the ad. Some of the elements are for that determine the quality score of ads are

  • Click through Rate
  • Relevant keyword in the ad group
  • landing page’s quality
  • Ad text relevancy
  • User experience
  • Historical performance

For the optimization of ads, the PPC specialists accomplish the following jobs.

  • Target relevant keywords to the ad group
  • Research Keywords
  • Research on Competitors
  • Focus on relevant ad text
  • Optimize landing page
  • Usage of Negative Keywords
  • Optimize the position of the ads

3. Usage of Copywriting, Ad copy, and Graphics designing

It doesn’t matter how many ads do the advertiser run. If the ad copy sucks, the ROI can be gained. Copywriting is the arrangement of words for making sell better. Ad copies are the main text in advertisements. Copywriting and ad copies together enhance the performance of the ads.

Furthermore, the graphics are need for grabbing the attention of the audience. Graphics are especially the requirement of display ads. When copywriting, ad copies and graphics are embedded together perfectly, the ad is going to make better impressions and legit CTR.

The tasks that are involved in copywriting, ad copies, and graphics designing are as follows:

  • Usage of coloring scheme
  • Using white space
  • Handling the imagery part
  • Call to action texts
  • Proper headlines and vital information
  • Playing with the numbering, power words and emotional words

These are the factors that make the PPC attractive and improve engagement. While creating a display ad using attractive colors is essential to improve the attractiveness of the ad. Using coloring scheme is one of the effective methods to make the ad appealing.

Other than that, an ad must have mind striking headline which grabs the attention of the viewers. Along with mind striking heading, an ad should also have brief information which encourages the viewers to click on the ad. The brief information is the ad description which must explain the heading.

4. Optimization of Landing page

Whenever the ads are clicked, it is redirected to the landing page. Landing pages are website pages used for converting the lead. If the landing page doesn’t help in converting, the PPC advertising goes to vain. The optimization of a landing page doesn’t take place overnight. Understanding the audience is equally important before designing the landing page.

How to make landing page responsive

Making the landing page device responsive

The duty of PPC specialists for optimization of a landing page include

  • Design of landing page with proper UX and UI design
  • Optimizing the speed and responsiveness of the landing page
  • The suitable color scheme of the landing page
  • Using copywriting and ad copies in headlines
  • Proper placement of call to action buttons
  • A/B testing with the landing page
  • Using exit popup
  • Optimize the landing page for SEO
  • Removing excessive buttons and ways for escaping
  • Utilizing email marketing by providing some incentives, offers, guides, etc.

The landing page must be appealing as well. It must be attractive enough to keep the visitors engage as visitors engagement determines the conversion rate of the landing page.

Therefore, using copywriting and ad copies for the landing page are beneficial to encourage visitors to perform certain activities.

5. A/B Testings

A/B testings are random experiments for determining the ad performance between two or more variants. The various version of pages or ads are shown to the users randomly, and statistical analysis is done to determine which variation performs the best. In PPC advertising, A/B testings play a significant role in achieving the conversion goal.

How ppc specialists use A/B testing

Selecting the best variation through A/B testings

PPC advertising can be expensive if A/B testing is neglected because, without it, the goal or target can’t be achieved within the limited time and budget. Conversion and making sales become laborious to gain better ROI. A/B testing provides a better understanding of the audience.

PPC specialists perform the following tasks for A/B testing to growing the business.

  • Testing the placement of call to action button
  • Optimization of headings and body text using copywriting
  • Engaging with better UI/UX design of the landing page
  • Testing the color scheme
  • Tracking and analyzing the result

6. Monitoring the performance of the ads

The major benefit of PPC advertising is performance analysis. Understanding the audience is necessary for generating sales. The performance of the ad will provide information on why the business is not getting the sales. Furthermore, it gives details about the reaction of the audiences on the ads. The task performed by PPC specialists for monitoring the performance of the advertisements are listed below:

  • Understanding the conversion rate, Average CPC, conversions, etc.
  • Reviewing the performance of ads by A/B testing methods
  • Analysis of Call to action buttons on Ads
  • Testing of landing page with different variations
  • Analysis of audience’s action on ads

When the ads are monitored continuously, it helps in determining the strength and weakness of the ad. In this situation, strong factors can use over weak factors on the ad to overcome the loopholes to improve the visibility of the ad.

Moreover, ad performance can be improved by polishing the existing strategy or can implement a new strategy that covers the loopholes of previously used strategy. Choosing which method to improve ad performance depends on the analytical result.

7. Working with Cross-Platform

Running ads on a single PPC platform won’t be useful in creating awareness and lead conversion. The ads of the company should follow the audience for generating interest and desire in them. Google ads, bing ads, social media, etc. are some of the PPC platforms.

In addition, remarketing can be used for creating awareness among the audience and hence slowly increasing the sales. Some of the chore that PPC specialists do with cross-platform are

  • Installing Facebook pixels on the website
  • Remarketing ads for creating desire in the audience
  • Running offers, discounts (actionable) ads on various platform
  • Email Marketing

Using the above-mentioned platform for PPC marketing is the best strategy for remarketing ads and also can be used to earn revenue-generating customers. When business used different PPC platform promotion, it helps in identifying which gives a  good result.

And the result can be a guideline for investing in that platform which gives the best result. But that does not mean other PPC platforms are to be ignored. The remaining other platforms should be used as these platforms also contributes to generate a conversion.

8. Optimization of conversions

Generating leads is the ultimate goal in the business. A better conversion rate provides higher ROI.

However, conversion doesn’t always indicate generating the sales, but it does indicate audience action for entering into the conversion funnel. Keeping an eye on the conversions helps determine whether to invest dollars in marketing or not. Some of the optimizations that PPC specialists perform are

  • Correlate Ads and landing pages
  • A/B testings of ads and landing pages
  • Performance analysis
  • Employing Remarketing Strategies
  • Working with cross-platform
  • Optimization of ads for responsiveness, proper placement, etc.
  • Optimization of a call to action buttons
  • Protection from fraud and robot clicks

Optimization of the conversion is worthy for generating the best result. Analyzing the ad performance on all the PPC platforms is necessary to determine which platform generate how much conversion. Therefore, a strategical examination is important to determine whether to invest in PPC platform or not.

9. Protection from fraud clicks and robot clicks

Isn’t it frustrating when the ads get fraud clicks or robot clicks? The advertisers are still be charged with no conversions and leads. If the advertisers don’t keep an eye on the performance of the ads, the budget goes to vain and hence, very less ROI. According to the report, 20% of the total clicks are fraud clicks.

PPC Fraud clicks and robot clicks

Stop your ads from clicking by robots

PPC specialists are aware of it. They perform real-time analysis of ads. Furthermore, they analyze the performance report and hence, accordingly use strategies. For stopping the fraud clicks and robot clicks, PPC specialists perform the following tasks.

  • Use of AI software for fraud detection
  • Blocking the IP address to stay away from robot clicks
  • Monitoring the metrics to enhance the performance of ads
  • Using various Spam detection technology like captcha on the landing page
  • Blocking click farms, proxy clicks, bots, and crawlers

Conclusion: Tasks of PPC Experts

PPC experts are focussed on building sales funnel strategies by understanding the objectives and goals of the business. They make PPC advertising effective and enhance the business by increasing sales with higher ROI. PPC advertising is a way that can bring sales to the business in lesser time. But not every PPC advertising becomes successful because advertisers are not conscious about copywriting, landing pages, fraud clicks, negative keywords, etc. For these purposes, PPC experts are needed.

The major aim of PPC experts is to fetch higher numbers of conversions for their clients. However, the number of conversions is determined by the strategies they used while advertising. If you are in search of better PPC specialists, you can check out the above tasks which are compulsory for every advertiser.