What Is A PPC Specialist and Why Do You Need One

What Is A PPC Specialist & Why Do You Need One?

PPC, aka Pay-Per-Click marketing, is an advertising tactic where advertisers pay only when their ads are clicked and not according to impressions basis. The bidding amount of the ads and ad quality influence the placement of the ads. The quality of the ad is essential to produce desired results with a small budget. That’s where the PPC Specialist comes in.

Since the ads enter the ad auction for its placement, proper workout and research are needed to occupy the perfect ad space. If the ads are of low quality, it won’t get appropriate ad space and can appear on the negative words, which can dissipate the budget as well as no desired result. To avoid wastage of money and make the PPC advertising effective, PPC specialist is needed.

We have heard many professions, like doctors, engineers, etc. Everyone is aware of these professions. There is no need for self-explanatory for these standard profession titles. But whenever you say ‘I’m PPC specialist, you will have a return question, what’s that?

It’s not unusual when you heard PPC Specialists attend meetings, do planning, and respond to emails just like any other profession. But what’s unique about the PPC specialists?

What is a PPC Specialist?

In simple language, PPC Specialists are marketing professionals. They are experts in handling the Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. They engage themselves in internet advertising, planning, optimizing, performance, and Metrics Analysis. PPC specialist manages and supervises overall PPC campaigns in Internet marketing.

PPC Expert

PPC Expert

Moreover, PPC specialists keep their eye on search engine algorithms and societal trends. Along with this information, they also keep practicing A/B testings for enhancing the ads. PPC specialists are hunger for knowledge. They always are willing to learn the ever-changing technology and hence, try to remain at the top.

What does PPC Specialist do?

PPC specialist looks after all the internal management of PPC campaigns, including strategy, campaign design, implementation process, SEO, and analyze the overall performance of the ads. It is a challenging job as one who is appointed has to have unique skills to nail every PPC campaign.

Moreover, PPC Specialists always work to enhance the business of their clients. A professional PPC marketer is responsible for optimizing a landing page, metrics analysis, etc. The tasks performed by PPC specialists don’t end here. PPC specialist performs the following functions:

Managing PPC campaigns

The PPC campaigns consist of the following elements

  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Keywords
  • Ad text
  • Landing pages

Campaigns contain Ad groups, and Ad groups comprised of one or more ads that are similar to the target. Keywords are words or phrases that are listed under ad groups to target a product. Ad texts are a way of marketing communication through the ads. It contains the brand name, headlines, description, call to action, etc. Landing pages are website pages where the audience visits after clicking the ads.

Running a PPC campaign without understanding the client’s business and goals is ruinous for PPC optimization. PPC specialists are aware of it. Before starting the campaign, they make proper planning and strategy for the optimization of landing pages, call to action buttons, etc.

Extensive Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Analyzing the keyword is important as this is the one factor that determines the visibility of your PPC Ads. With proper analysis, SEO experts can figure out the keywords that match the search of the audiences. Along with this, a business can stay ahead of its competitors if it is able to finalize the right keywords that give more visibility in search engines.

Without understanding the keywords, the ads won’t reach to the interested audiences. PPC specialists analyze the performance of long-tail keyword, negative keywords, ad groups, etc. They uplift the quality of ads through keyword optimization. Working with different PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other various platforms are mandatory.

Optimization of Landing Page

No PPC campaign becomes successful if no lead is generated. The primary goal of running an ad is to create a conversion. Ads are useful for showing the way to the website or business. The leads are generated on the websites.

Therefore optimizing the landing page is the key factor for the successful PPC campaign. Advertisers are much aware of this trick; thereby, they are implementing this in their digital marketing strategy to improve the performance of PPC.

Optimization of Landing page involves improving the elements on a website for increasing conversion. It includes improving the call-to-action button, limiting the number of actions, playing with colors, using copywriting on headlines, etc. PPC experts perform A/B testings on the landing page for its optimization. Furthermore, they also improve the page load time as well as make it device responsive and optimize it for search engines.

Copywriting and Ad copy

Copywriting is the practice of writing the text for advertisement purposes. It doesn’t matter whether a copywriting strategy is used or not. The ads can still be run, but it won’t be effective. The ads won’t reach to the interested audiences.

PPC experts use copywriting while running the ads. They know exactly what grabs the audience’s attention and how to increase CTR. The same copywriting techniques don’t suites for all the clients. PPC specialist utilizes various copywriting strategies according to the business type and objectives.

Similarly, Ad copies are the main text in the advertisement purpose. PPC experts do care about it. While writing the Ad copies, PPC experts understand the business type and hence write Ad copy using credibility, assurance of benefits, clear, attention-grabbing, and conforming.

Working with Various PPC platforms

Single PPC platform won’t be enough for making PPC advertisements effective. Of course, Google is the first tier in using the PPC method, and also it has more than millions of publishers, but with a single platform, generating sales is quite laborious.

PPC Platforms

PPC Platforms

The way people use the various search engines and social media platforms, PPC specialists also think in the same way. They understand the business objectives and find out the strategy to create brand awareness and interest among people. Accordingly, they make a plan for cross-platform advertising. PPC specialist has excellent ideas in using the remarketing strategy at the perfect time.

Protection from click fraud and Robot clicks

Everyone can start advertising using the PPC method. It simply acquires making the Google ads account and selecting the keywords. What makes the difference between PPC specialists and general PPC advertisers? It’s all about the optimization of PPC ads. Most of the ads become prey for robots and fraud clicks.

General PPC advertisers don’t emphasize optimization, and hence, the business doesn’t meet the sales target. Moreover, they are unknown about the money that is wasted due to fraud clicks and robot clicks.

PPC Specialists give emphasis on the report of ads’ performance. They track every PPC campaign’s IP address, click timestamp, user agent, and action timestamp. They keep the record of who is clicking the ads. Furthermore, PPC specialists analyze why the ads aren’t converting into leads. PPC specialists utilized the AI-powered software in tracking the ad clicks and follows the recommendation in ads optimization.

Besides these significant tasks, some of the daily duties of PPC specialists are listed below:

  • Writing ad copy
  • Analytics survey and performance analysis
  • Optimizing conversions
  • Measuring conversion
  • Running A/B testings
  • Balancing ads
  • redefining the target audience
  • Click monitoring
  • Monitoring cross platforms performance

What Skills do PPC Experts have?

PPC Experts are creative people, and they have a bevy of traits for different tasks. These people are experts in marketing and use various strategies such as using the AIDA model (sales funnel), SWOT analysis for understanding the client’s business, etc. The Skill that every PPC experts must have are:

  • Advanced PPC certification
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Familiarity with various PPC advertising platforms
  • Creative and Design for creating ads
  • Excellent communication skills and Writing skill
  • High math proficiency
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Landing page Designing

Besides these necessary skills, some additional skills required for professional PPC specialists are technical expertise (understanding HTML, Javascript, etc.), planner, performance and metrics analyst, updating with the latest search engine algorithm, etc. The PPC marketing research is endless, so the PPC specialist should have the quality of adaptability, must be a hunger for knowledge and passion for testing new things.

Why do you need a PPC Specialist?

There are a lot of entrepreneurs going into business. When the market is getting so competitive, business has to go digital to expand the business.

Building a website for the company isn’t a difficult task anymore. You have a lot of competitors in the market. If you don’t take the necessary action in time, there is a high chance that your business can be in a considerable loss.

But Why PPC Specialist

But Why PPC Specialist

Marketing can be the best choice for growing business. But there are lots of confusion in choosing the type of marketing. PPC advertising can be a perfect choice for marketing and compete with competitors. But to make PPC advertising effective, you need PPC specialists. PPC Specialist Agency can help you grow the business.

PPC specialists go through various phases in their planning. They offer expertise with strategies that really work. Specialists always work for growing (expanding) the client’s business. Following are the reasons why you need PPC specialists:

  • Specialist help you make a decision for yielding the best result
  •  PPC Specialist advice you ad that will give the result
  • PPC Specialist build credibility with PPC platform
  • Huge ROI with a smaller budget
  • Free focus on other aspects of running the business
  • Reach more audiences and increase in leads
  • Optimization of Landing page for higher conversions
  • The advice your best recommendation to the business through A/B testings

How to choose the best PPC specialist agency?

There are thousands of PPC specialist agencies in the market. It’s a tough time for choosing the best PPC specialist agency. While hunting for an agency, you should follow the few key criteria. Please take the time to find the agency that has the expertise and meets your objectives. Competent PPC agency can bring a higher Return on investment (ROI) to your business. The key criteria for selecting the best PPC Specialist agency includes:

  • In addition to Google Ads, PPC specialist agency must use cross-platform for PPC advertising
  • Must have bevy for various tasks such as copywriters, landing page optimizers, fraud protection tools, Designers, PPC managers
  • Agency must wield the Sales funnel using the AIDA model
  • Google Premier Partner and a dedicated account manager
  • AI-powered software for performance analysis and strategies recommendation
  • Should be expertise in content marketing  and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Transparency in their pricing
  • Best customer support with transparency and regular reporting

Conclusion: Is it worth choosing the PPC specialist Agency?

The days are not far away when your business stops getting leads. It’s because there are lots of similar companies in the market, and you are unaware of how your competitors are performing. It’s a digital era, and if you don’t utilize the digital marketing strategy, a business can stop getting the sales.

PPC advertising can be an excellent tool for marketing your business and surpass your competitors. Of course, PPC advertising isn’t easy for generating sales. But if you get the support of PPC specialists, you can’t imagine how higher your business can reach.

PPC specialists are aware of the latest marketing technology and the ever-changing search engine algorithm. They have their strategy and implement them in a process-wise. Everyone knows, only ads can’t bring leads and conversion to the company. There are many steps involved before your business start generating the sale. But before going with the PPC specialist agency, be sure whether you have the answer to these questions.

  • Do you have ready products and services that are already launched in the market?
  • Is your selected PPC specialist agency works for a similar company like yours?
  • Are you ready to go with long term partnership with the PPC agency?

If you have answers to these questions, you are good to go with the PPC agency. Make sure your selected PPC agency meets your business’s goal.