What Is Google PPC? Why Use Google PPC?

What Is Google PPC? Why Use Google PPC?

The world is getting digitized, where everything is connected through the internet. Online marketing has been widely used, and the need has risen to the sky. Now in the case of marketing, the old traditional methods of marketing have been evolved into digital marketing, i.e., PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising. Digital marketing is the form of online marketing to advertise your products and services.

What is Google PPC?                                       

Google PPC is the advertising platform provided by Google, where an advertiser can have instant top positioning on Google Search Engine Result Page. Here an advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money to Google for every click made on our ads. It is because Google places your advertisements on top of the Search Engine Result Page without any need for SEO. This is why Google PPC is also considered as the alternative to Search Engine Optimization.

Google has the most comprehensive range of online audience almost from every corner of the world. It is the most powerful and cost-effective medium of marketing in this generation. Google PPC provides several benefits to enhance the digital growth of any company.

Why Use Google PPC?

Google PPC indeed requires a higher amount of money to advertise. There are ways to rank your website without paying Google, but why Google PPC?

People are getting engaged with Google PPC due to its vast benefits and quick response that no advertising field does. Advertising on Google with drive instant leads within a couple of days as your ads are only displayed to the interested audience; also, your ad is placed on top of SERP.

Well, here are some reasons to use Google PPC:

1. Massive Reach

Google is the biggest search engine that owns billions of audience. Every day 3.5 billion searches are done on Google. The reach of Google is worldwide in every corner of the globe. So, advertising through Google makes your ads worldwide and could gain traffic from all across the world.

Your ad would be placed on top of SERP after everything is correctly set on ad campaigns. Now, staying on the first page and getting millions of impressions every day would be the best result. Anyone searching the relevant keyword as of your ad would surely click on your advertisement that could lead to conversion as well. You can target your desired location to any specific country you want that could generate higher leads.

2. Better Targeting Strategy

What is the point of advertising if there is no conversion? To improve your advertising strategy and increase the number of leads and conversion, Google PPC provides a fantastic feature of targeting. You are free to target your desired location where you specifically wish to advertise your products. Generating quality one conversion is better than getting ten unwanted leads.

Targeting Audiences in Google PPC

Targeting Audiences

Targeting your ads will reduce the number of advertising, which means you won’t have to keep advertising in every possible area. It will decrease the amount of investment, whereas increasing the number of conversions.

3. Provides quick result than SEO

Those who are fed-up with the use of SEO are the ones getting involved in Google PPC. SEO is the slow process where the keywords are ranked on the Google search engine. SEO requires several months of hard work and dedication to rank your keyword on the first page. Also, you cannot be sure that your keyword would rank on top due to the high competition on Google.

Now, advertising on PPC will provide a quick result within a couple of days. You can save several months through Google PPC. As your advertisement is placed on top, those people who search the relevant keyword of your ad cannot resist without getting engaged in your ads.

4. Improves brand awareness

Generally, after hearing about Google PPC, people think of driving search engine traffic for generating leads. But it is more than that, and Google PPC is an excellent tool for brand awareness. Your brand could rise to the top among all of your competitors as your brand is displayed on the top of the search engine result page.

Improve brand awareness

Improve brand awareness

The more your brand personality and reputation are repeated, the stronger your brand becomes. It builds trust and reliability towards your brand, which will drive tons of customers to your business.

5. Measure your performance consistently

Measuring your performance on the traditional method of marketing is very hard. Also, they are more expensive than Google PPC. Advertising on newspaper, radio, television, billboards, etc., would be hard to measure its performance. Unless any customer contacts you directly, you are unknown about your advertisement, whether they are effectively working or not.

Now, after that you advertise through PPC, Google provides a daily report about your ad campaign. You can see the number of reach and quantity of leads generated by the ads. Every small chart is displayed that makes it pretty clear where your money is getting correctly utilized.


Google PPC is an excellent means of online marketing that is currently leading the field of digital marketing. Reading this article might have enhanced your thought regarding Google PPC. So, if you are in between to advertise our product, then advertising on Google to get a maximum result.