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How Much You Pay For PPC Agency In UK [2020]?

Selecting a PPC agency is always a difficult task since there is a vast number of PPC agencies in the UK. PPC agency will try to lock you up with a long term contract agreement. Furthermore, they go on stretching the time by assuring you to generate more sales. But the fact might get different when you involve yourself in such PPC agencies.

Without any doubt, your business can grow tremendously with PPC marketing, but the fact is it depends on you what PPC agency you are involved with. The following things should be considered while hiring the PPC agency:

  • Verify for Google Partnership
  • No-long term contract agreement
  • Search for Strategy rather than PPC managers
  • Third-party tools they are using
  • Examine PPC specialists not with questions but with strategies
  • Confirm to have ownership of your PPC account
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Transparency with Report
  • AI software
  • Experience of PPC specialists
  • Cross-platform for PPC advertising

How much PPC Agency in UK charge for marketing?

Are you searching for a PPC agency in UK? What type of PPC management services are you looking for? Are you trying to sell services or Products? These things matter a lot whether you want website traffic, increase conversion rate, Brand awareness, or anything. The Pricing of PPC agency in UK depends upon the extra services they provide.

How much PPC agency in UK charge for marketing?

How much PPC agency in UK charge for marketing?

Do you know, using Google ads account for PPC marketing is absolutely free? You just need to release the budget if your ads are clicked. PPC agency charges you for managing those ads on the Google Ads account. They will improve the quality score of ads so that the marketing budget can be minimized. Moreover, they also perform optimization of the landing page, protect ads from fraud clicks, and robot clicks.

PPC agency in UK charges based on the various pricing models of PPC marketing which are discussed below:

1. Hourly Charge

The owner should pay based on hours of working for managing the PPC ads. It’s a straightforward deal, but the owner should comprehend various nuances on Google Ads campaign. In UK, the average hourly charge is £30.

Pros of Hourly Pricing model

  • Good for business owners who want a certain amount of hours per month
  • Improving Ad Quality Score
  • Best for Increasing website traffic
  • Easier in tracking
  • Basically, No need for long-term contract agreement
  • Best for Small Business

Cons of Hourly Pricing Model

  • No straightforward strategies
  • More hours might not provide better results
  • Only managing PPC campaign on-account
  • The charge can get higher if optimization off-account is needed such as Landing page optimization, using third-party software
  • Individuals and Freelancers are involved in it
  • Rather than the company’s goals, marketing strategy, specialists are more focussed on improving ad quality

2. Percentage Based on Ad spend

In this pricing model, business owners need to pay a certain percentage of total ads spent on advertising. PPC agency in UK charges 15% – 25% of total ads spend. However, PPC agencies perform better and are more focussed if the client increases their budget. It seems like the clients are punished for increasing their budget.

Percentage pricing model

Percentage pricing model

Pros of Percentage Based on Ad spend Pricing model

  • Typically, best for the clients starting fresh campaigns with no prior data
  • No Negotiation and it clears the doubts for adding more campaigns
  • Suitable for small scale business
  • Agency focuses on the marketing strategy to meet company goals

Cons of Percentage based on Ad Spend Pricing model

  • PPC agencies try to push the client for increasing the budget
  • Wasted ad spend also counts while billing
  • Might not be suitable for long term agreement

3. Flat Rate Pricing

In this model, the clients need to pay a flat management fee regardless of the total budget spend on the ad. Since the management fee is fixed, the client doesn’t need to worry about increasing or decreasing the ads budget. The agencies are more focussed on increasing the sale of the company. The agencies in UK charge between £400 – £2000 or more.

Pros of Flat Rate Pricing

  • Best for large scale business
  • More efficiency and Transparency in reports
  • Full management of PPC ads as well as off-account management such as Landing page optimization, designing ads, fraud click protection, etc.
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Focus on marketing strategies to meet company goals and objectives

Cons of Flat Rate Pricing

  • Expensive for small scale business
  • Might contain hidden cost
  • Long-term Contract

4. Tiered Flat Fee

It’s a Flat rate model with adding breakpoints in ad spend budgets. For example, the agency may charge £1000 flat rate for ads spent up to £10000 or £2000 for ads spends up to £20,000 and so on. Agencies are more focussed on the company’s goal.

Pros of Tiered Flat Fee

  • Suitable for large scale business having long term goal
  • Cross-platform marketing
  • Regular calls and meetings
  • More priority to the companies for increasing conversion, ROI and sales
  • Perform task beyond the PPC on-account management
  • Experts in copywriting, designing and optimizing landing page
  • Protection from fraud clicks and robot clicks

Cons of Tiered Flat Fee

  • Not suitable for small scale company
  • Might not be transparent with their report

5. Performance-based Pricing

The client needs to pay only when the ad generates the sale. Performance-based pricing can be utilized either by monthly performance or by milestone performance. It seems like an affiliate rather than a PPC management agency. However, agencies are more concerned with the goal of the company.

Pros of Performance-based Pricing

  • Suitable for both small and large scale company
  • Contract on a milestone performance basis

Cons of Performance-based Pricing

  • Might contain hidden costs for using third-party tools
  • Force client to increase the ads budget
  • Might not care about the ad quality score
  • Agency prefer to work with the client who has costlier products

6. Free PPC Management (not recommended)

In this pricing model, the agency performs the task for free. The agency takes cut from the third-party applications they are using for PPC ads. In this model, agencies are less focussed on company goals and more focussed on increasing the ads spend. The more they spend, the higher the commission they will get.

Free PPC Management

Really is it free?

Pros of Free PPC management

  • It’s free

Cons of Free PPC management

  • Agency forces the client to increase the budget for increasing the sales
  • Focus on low volume keywords
  • Might degrade the ad quality score which increases the CPC
  • Might lock you up with long term contract

Which PPC pricing fits your business?

The above pricing model is useful for any business, but it depends on the experience of the PPC specialists and managers in the agency for enhancing PPC marketing. The best PPC specialists can grow your business with any type of pricing model. When you have a long term goal, the flat fee is the best pricing model. In this pricing model, you just need to go through the reports for analyzing the performance of PPC marketing. It’s needed to go through the terms and conditions of the PPC agency before the contract agreement.

PPC agencies always want to see the growth of their client’s business. However, they might not use the appropriate marketing strategy, such as sales funnel.


The pricing of PPC agencies might vary depending upon their success history. To become a PPC advertiser is not a difficult task; you just need a certification course, but to make the PPC marketing effective, the experience is mostly needed. So, always try to hire such agencies who have experienced PPC specialists and managers. PPC agencies that provide proper marketing strategies, work with cross-platform PPC advertising, remarketing strategies, etc. is good to go with.