12 Tips To Find Best PPC Specialist In London

12 Tips To Find Best PPC Specialist In London

Managing the PPC campaigns is beyond the capacity of newbies. With PPC advertising, it’s easier to get website traffic, but sales generation is quite tough. The advertisers need to go through various sales funnel process, and hence, the strategy should be made accordingly. If your profit is falling and harder to make it work, it’s time to get the best PPC specialist.

Here are some signs that you will need the best PPC specialist:

  • No time for managing and optimizing the campaigns
  • Getting lesser profit
  • Investing more budget than necessary
  • Lack of experience in using the latest technology tools
  • Lots of competitors
  • Disapproval Problems
  • Lack of copy writing, ad copy and landing page design
  • Getting more fraud clicks and robot clicks

Why you need the Best PPC specialist?

Best PPC specialists can provide a higher ROI that you might not have thought for. A Best PPC specialist is comprised of various traits that are needed for marketing. They know exactly which strategy will work. It’s not magic. The PPC specialist goes through the company profile, products, services, and understands the objectives and goals of the company, and then they make strategies that really work.

A PPC specialist can give the result, including higher ROI, with a limited budget. These experts can grow business immensely. Some of the benefits of having the best PPC specialists are listed below:

How to find out the best PPC specialist?

It’s not surprising when everyone in the market tells themself the best PPC specialist. Having just a certificate and training from the internet is not sufficient. The task of PPC specialists isn’t only managing the PPC campaign. PPC specialists are experts because of their experience in every field, such as Landing page optimization, copy writing, etc.

The main way for finding out the best PPC specialist is by asking around to the folks who had worked with the PPC specialist before and provided them the satisfied result. However, if you can’t find anyone then, here in this article, we have awesome tips for choosing the best PPC specialist in London. It’s worth asking them questions about the strategy they will be using to grow the business.

1. Check for Google Certified Partnership

PPC specialists can easily put you in confusion by putting the Google certified Partnership on their website. But the fact is Google has an academy for learning about ads, and then if passed the fundamental exam, it will provide a certified partnership badge to put on the website.

You can ask for Google badge id number of PPC specialists and check on the website (https://www.google.com/partners/agency?id=xxxxxxxxxx). Just replace “xxxxxxxxxx” with the provided ID number if it’s verified, you will get information about the company specializations and Individual certifications.

2. Inspecting the work experience, testimonials, and success stories

The more PPC specialists involved in advertising, the more they will be increasing their expertise in successful PPC marketing. It means that PPC specialist follows the ever-changing Google algorithm, which makes them reliable. Google takes the experience of the PPC agency in determining the ad quality. Thus it’s beneficial going with the experienced PPC specialists.

You can determine their experience on the day they conduct the meeting. PPC specialists must be very open regarding the past client and existing client. If PPC specialists are transparent while sharing their experience with the client, then this indicates that they have good relations with their clients, and clients are satisfied working with them.

If PPC specialists are not being very transparent about the clients, this may not show a good reputation about them. You may also know about them through the social media platform, their website, and Google My Business account.

3. Asking about the Sales funnel strategy to be implemented on business

Before going with any PPC experts, make sure you understand their planning. PPC advertising won’t provide a result within one day, or two days, it takes time. The PPC experts have to operate with various sales funnels such as brand awareness, creating interest and desire and then, the action of plans for increasing the sales. If any PPC specialists ensure you that they will increase sales without presenting any sales funnel strategy, it’s better to search for a new one.

Purchase Funnel used by PPC specialist

Purchase Funnel


When PPC specialists are aware of the purchase funnel, they are well aware of the process of developing a digital marketing strategy.  This also indicates that they have good skills to analyze the market, develop the strategy, and implement the strategy in an effective manner.

 4. Inquiring about the teams

A single person (PPC specialist), can’t handle everything. Of course, they know every aspect of PPC advertising, but, inevitably, they won’t be able to handle all the tasks. In this case, PPC specialists can be called as PPC managers.

They check for everything before the ads go live. They are responsible for sharing the strategies with their team and check whether the campaign is going on as planned or not. The primary task of PPC managers is to analyze the performance of the campaign.

In order to implement all successful PPC campaigns, they must have a good internal relationship. Your PPC ads can only perform excellently only if there is a good flow of communication in the team, and the team works energetically in the workplace.

5. Asking the PPC specialist about Google Quality Score

Google Ads quality score determines how the ads will perform in advertising. Due to the Quality score, Google will reward you with lower costs and higher ad ranking. the quality score is based on keywords, ad text, and landing page relevancy.

The way for maintaining the best Quality score is by using fewer keywords, smaller, targeted ad groups. Historical Google Ads account performance, CTR, Keyword relevancy, Landing page quality, Ad text, etc. are the major factors for determining the Ad quality Score.

When Some specialist uses your Google ads account for advertising, if they maintain the quality score, you will have to pay low CPC and hence saving budget in marketing and excellent result with PPC advertising.

6. Inquiry about copy writing skills

PPC can only perform well only if it has engaging content. PPC specialists should have skills to understand your customers so that they can create a PPC ad, which can generate more conversion rates. Therefore, you need to choose PPC specialists who show their interest in your business.

PPC advertising can be a disaster when copy writing and ad copies are not encompassing while doing marketing. You can ask your specialist to show the previous ads that were live. From those ads, you can get ideas on whether they can fulfill your needs or not. To verify the copy writing skills, you can notice concerning call-to-action buttons, visual, attention-grabbing headlines, emotional appeals, punctuation, and more.

If you find these components on their previous ads, this specifies that they are well aware of the components to attract more customers. You may consider selecting the PPC specialists if they can create unique and engaging copy writing.

7. Asking about the tech expertise for landing page designing and optimization

The landing page is essential for every successful PPC ad. When you present appealing PPC ads and your landing page is interesting, then there is a high chance for you to generate lead and increase conversion rate.

Without landing page, no sales can be generated. Landing pages relevancy plays an essential role in creating a better quality score. Landing pages decide whether the customer stays or leaves the page. So, it’s necessary to inquire about the expertise in designing the landing page and optimization of it.

Nevertheless, the landing page is different from PPC advertising; you should look for technical experts in the team which can design UI/UX based page, which will have good loading speed and device responsiveness. Also, the landing page should go through A/B testing to know which variation works better in conversion. You can ask for examples of previous works and how they were effective.

8. Understanding the third-party tools, they are using for research

Besides Google’s search query, there are numerous third-party tools useful for PPC advertising. Third-party tools are optimization tools that will help to analyze the keywords, CPC, and other related keywords such as long-tail keyword, LSI keywords, etc.

Make sure, the specialist you are going to work with is aware of the following tools:

  • SpyFu
  • Bing Keyword Research Tool
  • Unbounce
  • Leadpages

Make sure that the selected PPC specialists use the above mention tools. These tools help in analyzing the PPC in every perspective to improve the performance of the ad.

9. Digging out which cross-platform they are wielding

As consumers use various platforms, PPC advertisers should also work with multiple platforms. The best PPC specialist must be aware of it. Using cross-platform in a PPC ad can act as a magnet, which can attract more customers, increasing sales revenue of the business.

Cross-platform is best for remarketing purposes. It helps in creating interest and helps in decision making among the consumers. Furthermore, the business becomes visible to more people.

But working with cross-platform is challenging to manage. Most of the advertiser doesn’t work for cross-platform. So, make sure the PPC specialist you are going to choose, can manage PPC campaigns on various platforms.

10. Inquiring which software they are using for fraud click protection

According to the 2019 PPC advertising report, 20% of total ads are fraud clicks and robot clicks. If necessary action is not taken, the budget is wasted, which would have higher CPC. Those clicks neither helps in conversion nor helps in lead generation. So, you must be aware of choosing PPC specialists, whether they use special AI software or not. PPC specialists should analyze the real-time performance of the ads with AI software so that they can block the IP-address from clicking the ads again.

Mistakes as a result of fraud clicks

If you have more fraud clicks

11. Asking about remarketing strategy

Remarketing is a process of re-engaging potential customers who had an interest in your business. It’s best to remind them of the products which they visited before but didn’t take any action. Advertising platforms such as Google ads and Bings, use artificial technology for serving the ads to previous visitors for encouraging them to make a purchase.

Furthermore, social media, such as Facebook, also offer remarketing services. Facebook allows installing the codes on to the website, and if the visitors go through the sites, their Facebook wall displays the ads related to the same business.

If PPC specialists can provide you the remarketing strategy with various PPC platforms, there is no doubt in choosing those PPC specialists. However, you shouldn’t forget that remarketing too needs copy writing and ad copies for encouraging consumers to make a purchase.

12. About reports, and communication

The best PPC specialist provides transparency about the ongoing task to their clients. They don’t have anything to hide from the client since; they are focussed on their strategy, A/B testings, and optimizations.

Experts don’t hesitate for communication to clear any doubts and confusion. Transparent PPC specialists always keep good contact with their clients to improve the strategy. But since they are too busy with their task, you might need an appointment for meetings with them.

Make sure your selected PPC specialist provide you the reports at regular interval. You need to know how PPC marketing is going on for deciding whether to invest more budget on it or not. On top of that, best PPC marketers also provide suggestions on what wrong going with the product, services, etc.

Conclusion: Finding the best PPC specialist in London

The above 12 tips help decide if you are going to have a deal with the best specialist or not. If the PPC marketer understands your business goal and performs the marketing according to it, you can’t imagine how higher the ROI can be. Besides the above 12 tips, you should care about the followings as well:

  • Verify whether the selected PPC specialist is working for a similar business as of yours or not
  • Make sure the PPC specialist has a team for managing the PPC marketing