How To Use Pay Per Click On Google

How To Use Pay Per Click On Google?

Pay Per Click ads are very common these days. If you’ve witnessed ads appearing on the side of the web screen when you search something, you have encountered PPC ads. If you are someone who has heard the advantages of PPC and want to gain insight, this article is for you.

Everyone wants their digital marketing strategy to work; here PPC can be of great help. Pay per click is an extremely useful tool of marketing to get your website to be the highest ranked and successful on Google. This article will cover the following necessary information and act as a beginners guide to pay per click:

  1. What is pay per click?
  2. How can you make use of PPC?
  3. What are Google Ads?
  4. Why should one use Google Ads for PPC?
  5. What are the benefits of PPC?

Pay Per Click

PPC is a mode of advertising online. Advertisers make use of PPC to make their brands well-known by targeting a wide audience conducting e-commerce searches. There are many types of ads that involve PPC, but the most used is paid search ad. Others include remarketing and display advertisements.

PPC Advertisement

PPC Advertisement

Paid search ads work in this way: when a person makes searches with the intention to shop, many online ads occur. There is a certain budget that is to be set on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. PPC comes into the picture when these advertisers pay according to how many clicks their ads receive.

How It Works

Working with PPC is not very black and white. If you want your ads to appear on web searches, you cannot simply pay more to make sure they do. It is much more complex than that.

1. The System Of Bidding

There is a bidding system that determines which ads will be highest ranked on search engines like Google. The ads are auctioned first, which take into account how valid and relevant an ad is and then decide if it is eligible to be posted alongside the result pages of the search engines.

PPC includes a wide range of platforms and mediums, almost half of which comprises of Google PPC ads. Pay Per Click through Google has produced results that do not vary much and are consistently better than others.

2. PPC Ads Through Google

As mentioned, PPC ads require a certain budget. When platforms like Google are involved, it demands payment to display your ads. Your budget is the amount from which CPC or cost per click is deducted. This amount is earned back with profit when enough people click on your ad.

3. Key Words In Pay Per Click Advertisements

In the bidding system, advertisers must come up with highly creative keywords that may provoke their ads to be displayed. That means that the key word in your advertisement must be such that it is a popular word or phrase. Also, it should be one that a lot of people include in their search.

Google Ads

The sole most popular PPC advertisement is through Google Ads, you can choose Google ads as a means of PPC. It then enables the ads of different advertisers to be displayed on Google search results as well as other platforms owned by Google. This happens after it undergoes the process of auctioning.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Using Google’s Pay per Click model, advertisers bid on keywords. Whenever a search is done related to a particular keyword, Google from thousands of ads chooses a handful of valuable ads. These ads are then to be displayed when a relevant search is initiated.

Why Should One Use Google Ads For PPC?

The question of benefits of Pay Per Click through Google is a frequently asked question. Here’s why using PPC through Google is the wisest choice:

  • People who are looking to buy use Google mostly as their search engine; it is the most popular with 75% of searches being conducted through it.
  • It is reported that 64% of those people click on ads presented by Google when they are shopping online and browsing through, looking to shop.

Benefits of PPC

There are many reasons that support the usefulness of Pay per Click. Some are listed below:

1. Fairly Easy

A fair advantage of implementing PPC is that you do not need to be an expert to do so, unlike SEO marketing. You are not necessarily limited to your own followers but can target the relevant audience. Digital marketing knowledge always helps but isn’t necessarily a prerequisite.

2. Successful Digital Marketing

As you become experienced with bidding keywords, more of your advertisements will be displayed on sites. You will not only gain experience to work alongside high-level brands but also your exposure and hard work can lead you to be highest ranked in the e-commerce niche.

3. Can Be Assessed And Tracked With Ease

Project Tracking

Progress Tracking

Google Ads tool along with Google Analytics can easily be used to measure the click that your ads have received. There’s no wait or doubt as to how much of your budget you have spent or how many impressions you have made, it is all accessible in a matter of seconds.

4. It’s Not Rigid

Unlike other advertising tools, PPC allows you to have much more control over what you want to do. For example, you can always choose to begin with a small budget, only investing more when it seems to be working well. You can also limit your keywords and therefore your audience.

5. Wide Range Of Targeting Options

PPC allows you to learn through trial and error. So if a certain keyword seems to be working well, a particular demographic delivers a certain response, remarketing can be done by targeting this specific audience.

Taking into account all the benefits that PPC provides, there is little to lose. It has been consistently making life better for advertisers, proving itself reliable with its minimal maintenance, easy targeting and marketing exposure. Also, good results of PPC take time but are certainly worth it. When there seems to be no harm, what are you waiting for?