Why Use Google Ads? Here Are 7 Reasons

Why Use Google Ads? Here are 7 Reasons

Google ads, also known as PPC advertising, is the most powerful and largest online advertising platform to date. As the advertising feature is self-provided by Google, you can imagine its dominance over other online platforms.

Google ads can be an actual wonder when it is executed correctly, which is why it has a revenue of $116 billion as a stat of 2019. People nowadays are becoming really impatient for the result of advertisements, which is why they are moving towards the quickest source of online advertising, i.e., Google AdWords. It is because advertising on Google provides numerous benefits to your company.

Now, whether your business is selling a product that can be both online or offline, the customers are still going to search on a website. It helps them to find information that is going to help them to make the right decision. So, generally the actual endpoint will be to make a phone call or visiting a store, and this really happens generally because people are searching on Google and find your website.

The company owners generally say that they get their business through phone calls or via email. But when you look further and say where are those phone calls advertised that’s generally where Google stands out. It is because your website has got your phone number and email contact details.

So, today, I have collected some of the best reasons why you should start advertising with Google ads and get all of the possible benefits that Google advertisement provides.

1. Increase your brand recognition

Your brand means everything literally for you and your business. You don’t have to spend an extra amount of money just to increase brand awareness because advertising on Google does it for you.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

While advertising on Google, you need to fill every possible detail about your ads and brand so, whenever people get engaged in your ads, it is sure that people have sight of your brand. And, if the visitors are interested in your product, then they will convert only because of brand information. Brand awareness creates trust and credibility on the visitors.

2. Increase Return on Investment

If you are lacking your revenue or somewhat unsatisfied then start advertising with Google ads. Because, according to the study, it is proven than for every $1 spent on Google ads, you get a revenue of $2. An average ROI is 200% on the Google ads campaign, which is a really good number.

It is typically the most important thing for every advertiser to increase their revenue because that is what business is done for. So, if you desire to have more return on investment, then get going with Google ads. Google ads provide you feature on targeting the right potential audience which increases the chance of conversion, and that directly leads to your increase in ROI.

3. Ability to scale your budget

Google ads provide this awesome feature of scaling the cost of advertising. It provides many options for budget utilization like budget acceleration, where your limited daily budget cost is spent as fast as possible. If you place $20 as your daily budget, then accelerating this will promote your post within a short period.

Next is the budget standard, where Google manages your budget according to the daily visitor. You can reduce or increase your keyword bidding amount at your own will whenever it is necessary.

4. Targeting Audience

This feature has become the fundamental need of every advertising platform to secure the highest profit and revenue. It is the key reason for advertisement because you only desire interested people to get involved in your ads.

Target audience

Target Audience

Google ads allow you to target and be more accurate while choosing the candidates to see your ads. You can target through the specific location, age groups, demographics, gender and interest of the people because you don’t want your ads to view by un-relevant audiences.

5. Provides quick result

Unlike other advertising platforms, Google ads provide a faster result. It converts 50% better than organic search results. And 65% of ads clicked have buyer intent keywords that have a high chance of conversions.

If you are tired of waiting for leads, then start advertising with Google ads, which drives a flood of leads within a couple of days. As you know the large audience that Google possesses and that your ad is placed on top of Google SERP. Every day a huge number of interested people are engaged with your ads.

6. Easier than SEO

With no doubt, advertising on Google is much easier than ranking your keywords on Google. You need a full SEO team to work on that requires huge payment and also lots of time. If you are good with the Google ad campaign, then you can run ads on your own.

You cannot guarantee the rankings from SEO and generate actual leads because SEO has huge competition and takes many months only if everything goes right. But through Google ads, you can have 1st placement if your keyword bidding is higher than your competitors.

7. You can retarget your customer

You have a visitor but doesn’t seems to convert? Well, no worries, you got one more chance to target your customer, i.e. re-targeting. Google ads use a cookie to keep displaying your ads to those users that recently visited but didn’t purchase from you.



With the frequent view on the same advertising, sooner or later, they are more likely to convert as a customer. Retargeting provides you to know the reason behind the unsuccessful conversion. It also helps you to edit certain parts and let you target that specific person with better advertisements or landing page.


Hence, after reading this article, I am pretty sure you have an idea and reason to advertise your products or service on Google. Your every competitors are using Google ads for advertising. And I don’t want you to get behind in the field of digital marketing.

So, when are you advertising on Google?