Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Double Ads

Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Double Ads

Double your revenue through YouTube by using YouTube Double Ads. By using this YouTube Double Ads Advertisers and YouTubers can generate a massive amount of money.

The name “Double Ads” itself gives meaning to that term. Here is the short description of YouTube Double Ads.

What are YouTube Double Ads on the video?

Video content is being enormously accepted by the audience around the globe. Marketers taking this as an opportunity to reach the right customers are creating video ads to fascinate the customer.

Moreover, YouTube has upgraded its advertising format in between late 2017 and early 2019 with Double Ads. YouTube double ads appear at the beginning of the main video and happen to appear twice one after another.

These ads can be skippable or unskippable. There is no formal rule for the ads has to be skippable or unskippable. The algorithm decides whether to present skippable or unskippable ads depending upon your watch history or search history.

YouTube Double Ads

YouTube Double ads

Hence, you may come across a skippable ad then unskippable ad or unskippable ad then skippable ad or both skippable ads or both unskippable ads. This depends upon how the algorithm works on your video.

How does YouTube Double Ads affect YouTube advertisers?

YouTube is the evolving digital platform. YouTube brings new stuff in the market to comfort the viewers while they watch the YouTube video and the benefits the advertiser from their ads.

YouTube has introduced Double ads with a similar strategy. The intention of YouTube Double ads is not to interrupt the viewers while they watch the main video, and another motive of this ad is for the advertiser to earn as much revenue as possible.

When the Two ads are played one after another, there is a  high possibility that the viewers are going to watch both the ads. However, if the viewer does not watch the one ad till the end, then there is a chance that they are going to watch another ad till the end.

But this does not mean viewers will watch one of the two ads till the end. They might also watch both ads till the end. And this is how the advertisers can earn benefits from YouTube Double Ads.

If so, how to make YouTube Double ads attractive?

Like any other ad in the Youtube, YouTube Double ad is also all about the content. The most important elements that are required to attract and engage the viewers are the contents. You, as a YouTube advertiser, need to figure out what type of content appeals to your viewers.

And the most important step that you need to take before creating a video for the YouTube Double ads is that you need to know who is your target audience. As YouTube double ad is about generating money, that does not mean you wast your money in some unnecessary factors.

One most important options that save your money from leaking is by using the target option. Target option allows you to target only your potential customers, and the ad will not appear in other viewers. Using this option in double ads, you can add revenue in your business and prevent the money from leaking.

After knowing your target customers, you should create content for your ad video. When you create the content for your ad, you need to know whether you are creating a funny ad, an emotional ad, or an informative ad. But what you need to focus on is, your ad should be attractive enough to engage the viewers.

You can engage the viewers through dialogs, video presentations, short story and may also add a call-to-action button in your ad video.

Which type of business can use YouTube Double ads?

YouTube double ads are just like any other running ads on YouTube; thereby, there are no restrictions on businesses to use YouTube double ad. Any type of business from any sector can use YouTube ads to promote their business. But when implement double ads, it must be customer-oriented for your ad to run effectively.

Any business can earn profit from double ads if the advertiser of the business makes the effective utilization of this ad format.

What are the reasons for YouTube to introduce Double Ads?

Before Double Ads, YouTube was playing two ads, one ad the beginning and one at the middle of the video. This ad format was annoying to the viewers. Therefore YouTube comes up with a new idea.

That is to play ads at the beginning of the video without interrupting the main video. Thus, two ads are being played simultaneously at the beginning of the main video.

YouTube works smartly on bringing the solution to the annoying problem. Doing this YouTube enhance the engagement of the customers, and YouTube did not lose their revenue.

This smart step of YouTube also benefits YouTubers and Advertiser. They are also making the right amount of money through YouTube Double Ads.

How this move of YouTube make sense?

When ads are played at the very beginning of the main video, it is obvious that ads will be less annoying. The main motive for doing this is to help the advertiser connect to the customer without interrupting in their main content.

Double ads are not suitable for every video you watch. It appears on those YouTube videos which have a longer time duration. Therefore, which type of double ads will appear depends upon the duration of the YouTube video.

With Double Ads, viewers can experience up to 40 percent fewer interruptions. When two ads are played simultaneously, this will reduce annoyed viewers.

When ads are annoying viewers lesser, then there are high chance viewers will watch the ads. Thereby creates brand awareness and increase the reach of potential customers.

This strategy has shown that advertisers are gaining huge benefits as their business revenue is rising. Along with the advertisers, YouTubers are also taking advantage of this and making money through this strategy.

This is very beneficial for the advertisers and YouTubers, but this can still be annoying to some viewers some time.

How can viewers get free from Youtube ads?

Although YouTube Ads can be beneficial to the viewers when they are searching for some stuff, it can be annoying at times. For all the regular viewers of YouTube who are annoyed by the ads and want to get rid of the ads, you can use the Ad-Free YouTube App, which is YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium Ads

YouTube Premium

To use YouTube Premium, you have to become YouTube paid membership. Yes, you have to pay to watch the video, but the exciting part is that experience exciting benefits.

  • The most interesting part of this app is you can watch millions of videos without any ads interruption.
  • Download the video and watch it anytime you want to. This can be useful when you on the long road journey to entertain yourself.
  • You can use other applications while you are playing your YouTube video. This app keeps you entertain while you are busy doing something else.
  • Get access to all the YouTube original series and movies. If you are interested in watching series and movies, you will definitely enjoy this app.
  • If you are also fond of music, you will not regret using YouTube Premium. When you get a membership of YouTube premium, you get a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium.
  • This app is for the music lover as you can enjoy music on Google Home or Chromecast Audio.

On launching YouTube Premium, viewers can enjoy the benefits of paid service and watch an ad-free video. Though there is an alternative to get rid of YouTube Double ads, there are certain things that viewers will miss.

How can YouTube Double Ads benefits viewers?

Double ads, along with others, can benefit viewers to some extends as it creates brand awareness. Brand awareness definitely helps business but also helps customers to find the solution to their problems.

If you like to enjoy music and also want to get updates, then double ads in the main video will not bother you. Double ads let you know what’s in the market.

It can be useful if you are searching for something on the internet. Ads in your YouTube video can match your search as an algorithm presents the ads on the base of your search.

If you are a curious person and desires to know the latest happenings, then double ads can answer your curiosity at times. It can be annoying some times but can be very beneficial in needs.

Beside YouTube Double Ads, YouTube Shopping Ads and YouTube Discovery Ads can perform well to promote the brand

YouTube Shopping Ads

YouTube is taking digital marketing to another level with the launch of YouTube Shopping Ads. Now you can shop while you are watching your YouTube video.

Shopping Ads will appear on your screen on the base of your interest. The algorithm will decide which ads to display on your screen, and this will be done by analyzing your search history.

On the other advertisers can also enjoy the benefits with the launch of the shopping ads. If you are a business and can extend your sales, then this update is definitely for you.


YouTube Shopping Ads

YouTube Shopping Ad

But why YouTube is expanding its services?

  • When a social media platform like Instagram,  Pinterest, TikTok are trying to attract shoppers, YouTube also has to bring some changes to stay in the market.
  • The market is getting so competitive that YouTube has to do this to attract more viewers and advertisers.
  • By doing this, YouTube just not engaging viewers but also motivating advertisers to promote their brand or product through YouTube.
  •  The primary goal of this is to attract viewers with visual imagery.
  • This can help advertisers showcase their products and let the brand directly connect to the people.

How does YouTube Shopping Ads work?

As YouTube will display the product on which you show interest, it is very obvious that the algorithm will analyze your search history. This is not only base on analyzing your search history, but it will also match the product detail that the advertiser gives.

So, the product that you will come across while you browse through YouTube will be very accurate to your search. Therefore, you will get what you are searching for, and the advertiser will reach the right customers making a huge profit.

YouTube Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are those ads that are shown at the side of the video you are watching. These videos have a yellow label with “AD” written on it.

This ad type is being acknowledged by many advertisers because it captures the attention of many users generating revenue. Discovery Ads are the source of revenue as they attract customers with appealing images, innovative headlines, and mind striking description.

The image below shows where discovery ad and the in-stream ad appears.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads

How to be creative with Discovery ads?

Many marketers are expanding their business through YouTube. Hence, you need to be competitive enough to beat others. Here are some tips you need to know:

  • Use targeting options to reach the right customers. When you segment your customers, you will increase your revenue. This happens as you promote your product to the people who want it.
  • Add some creative elements to your ads. Before you create your ads, you should know what your goal is and who you are targeting. Create the ad with all the required elements.

Discovery ads are basically created to make the viewer feel your presents. This strategy has proved to be successful in created brand awareness.

This strategy also suite those business type which is new in digital marketing. Therefore YouTube Discovery Ads are the preference of advertisers.

So, other than YouTube Double Ads, advertisers can use discovery ads or shopping ads to influence people.


Though YouTube recently introduces double Ads in the market, it has attracted many advertisers. Thereby, this has become an essential part of YouTube to gain revenue.

Along with YouTube, advertisers and YouTubers are enjoying the benefits of Double Ads.

If you are running a business, you would certainly want to try YouTube Double Ads.