What Is Display Advertising 5 Benefits For Your Business

What Is Display Advertising? 5 Benefits For Your Business

Have you ever noticed annoying graphical content while visiting the online website? If you are familiar with websites, then I am pretty sure you are well known about the display advertising. Because without the use of Google AdBlocker extension, no one can run away from the annoying Google’s display ads.

Display advertising is a part of digital advertisement that conveys display ads like images, logos, animations, videos, or similar other graphics. It is also considered as Google’s one of the best method of earning revenue. To start the appearance of Google display ads on your website as well, you need to get approval of Google AdSense i.e., monetization of a website.

Lots of people in order to earn money start a website then quickly apply for approval of Google AdSense for the monetization of the website and to display advertisements. Also, display advertisement has become the most powerful method of online advertisement to gain a huge amount of leads and conversions.

Some shocking facts about display advertisement:

  1. Google Ad Blocker has risen by 41% globally in only the last 12 months.
  2. The average Click through Rate of display advertisement is 0.06%.
  3. About 33% of a user feels annoying due to the presence of the display advertisements.
  4. About 55% of the internet users have lost their trust in banner ads and won’t click on display ads.
  5. Investment in banner ads has risen to $11.29 billion in 2016.
  6. About 6 trillions of display advertisements were created and delivered all over the world.
  7. More than 50% of display ads are clicked accidentally through mobile.

Why Google Display Advertisement?

Google Display Ads is not only used for the purpose of advertisement and promotion but also to earn money from Google. Huge number of people nowadays are depending upon Google for their daily income. People start blog websites where they post multiple blog articles. And after Google AdSense approves the website for displaying the ads, then website owners can earn a big amount of money.

Display Ads

Display Ads

Now in the case of digital marketing and promoting your products, it works very well than other sources of advertisements. Display advertising is also appropriable for affiliate marketing by placing your ad content on any other website.

Some benefits of having display ads are:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Your display ads hold the face of your brand while advertising. It provides a better result on brand recognition than PPC ads because the user won’t have to click on ads to find out the information regarding your brand. In this ad, users can directly gather some information related to your brand without clicking the ads and redirecting to other pages.

2. Effective targeting with Display ads

While advertising, almost every method requires a targeting option to increase the chance of leads and conversions. This will reduce the amount of advertising and increase the amount of conversion because your ads will only be displayed on interested candidates.

Display Ad Targeting

Display Ad Targeting

Similar to the social media ad campaigns, you can create a specific ad campaign to run display ads by targeting your desired location or audiences.

3. Supports Retargeting

Google display ads are also useful for retargeting as it shows the targeted ads across the Google Display Network to the people with interest in your products. Like other retargeting methods, it works similarly with the use of a tracking cookie.

Guests to your site get the following treatment from a bit of code installed on your site. This code tracks their conduct and serves promotions dependent on that conduct.

4. Increase Conversion rates

Display ads not only boost your content but also fetch lots of potential customers and generate leads. As it receives the feature of targeting the customers, and only interested persons is able to view your ads, which contain more change of conversion than advertising without proper targeting.

Moreover, it shows help improve the likelihood by 10 percent that shoppers will prescribe the brand. An ideal approach to assess changes is to analyze two diverse experimental groups of showcases and non-shows.

5. Measurable result

Measurable Display Advertising

Measurable Ads

You are good to receive an everyday report from your ad run campaigns. Ad campaign shows the number of times your ads are clicked and the performance of ad if you need to tweak your campaign settings. Google ads provide lots of data with reports on traffic on your site, brand awareness and the number of sales and conversion. It helps you to make the right decision according to the need of your business to drive maximum engagements.

Ways to improve display advertisements

1. Create amazing contents

You are not done only by creating and running ads on Google; the main focus you have to provide is while creating the right content. No matter how your display ads look but your content must be pitch-perfect because it is what fetches the visitor towards your ads.

There is a saying, and content is king, well it really is. Because without content, you cannot even advertise. For advertisements to work and provide the maximum result, there needs to be creativeness and better user-experience that attracts the visitor to convert.

2. Create ads in every possible format

The more you create and share your products, the more your business will grow and increase the chance of conversions. It’s not a waste of time or resources; instead, it is the way of creating the chance to build your brand through various mediums.

Use both images and text ads, splitting them into different ad groups. People who prefer text and people who prefer images can get engaged in your ads without any doubt. So, you can get double profit from this improvement.

3. Create simple and visual ads

You might be wondering how simple ads is worth creating but, after knowing the fact that 67.5% of ads on the display ads are plain and simple. It is because interested people prefer simple and well-texted ads, and also, the text ads have lower click-through rates than image ads.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for image ads. Image is a real necessity in today’s ads or the ad is incomplete. The text should be simple and straight, including the relevant image to describe the text more fluently.

4. A separate budget for testing

The display network is a huge field where your reach is pretty much endless. Frequent updates and new features are generated autonomously for which you have to be up-to-date. Testing the ads before revealing into real-time is the best way to know the happenings on the market. Before running ads, you can get pretty much every idea where you have to spend your money to get the maximum result without the fear of loss.

After knowing the facts, you can then reveal your ads and gain maximum profit from your display ads. For a recommendation, you can separate about 10-20 % of your budget as a testing budget.


There is a big demand for display advertisements in digital marketing. Reading this complete article might have enhanced your view regarding display advertisement. If you are looking for the effective service of digital marketing, then display ads might be the perfect choice for your business.

So, when are your advertising your business through display ads?