9 Ways To Verify My Business on Google

9 Ways To Verify My Business On Google

The most awaited thing that you wait for after you create Google My Business account is the Verification Code. The code through which verify my business on google with the authority to use your account.

Though the verification code process seems simple and easy, it has some complexity than it seems. But when you start surfing on it you will figure out there is much more to it.

This article discusses the ways you can verify your Google My Business Account. Before discussing verification ways, let’s start with a discussion on its importance then we’ll talk about ways to verify it.

Why verifying your Google My Business account is important?

When you verify your GMB account is important to manage your business information in search, map, and other Google Properties. The verifying process is prioritized by Google to ensure that the physical location of your business and to confirm whether you are authorized to your own GMB account.

If you want to appear at the top of the Local Pack, you need to focus on GMB factors like proximity, categories, keywords in the business title. This means that you need to focus on these factors more than just focusing on links, reviews, citations, etc.

GMB account

Moreover, it is important because customers are likely to consider Google verified businesses as a reputable business. GMB profile should look convention enough to get the trust of the customers for your business to grow through the digital market.

Verifying your business also protects you from fraud. This means that if someone else acts as the representative of your GMB account, the Google algorithm will protect you from unauthorized users.

Therefore, verifying your account becomes very important to get control over all the information and happening in your GMB account.

Now you know why verifying is important, here are the ways you can verify your GMB account.

9 ways to verify my business on Google

The verifying method depends upon your business type and your geographical area. Taking these into consideration, the verifying options can be different. Let’s look at various verifying options and determine how they are different from others.


In this method, you will get your verification code through mail to your business address. When mail is getting outdated, Google still prefers this method because doing this; Google will know the exact location of your business.

This process takes two weeks, depending upon your geographical region. As this will take a long time, you need to know that you are not supposed to change any information in your GMB account.

In order to get your verifying code, you need to provide your business name and business address. Then you will get a postcard with a five-digit verification code on it.

GMB 5 digits code

To verify your code, you need to log in to your GMB account, select the business you want to verify then on verify now. Then enter the code to verify your account.


Only a few businesses have this option to get the verification code through the phone. If you have this option on your page, then consider yourself lucky, as this will take a few minutes.

With this option, you can choose to get a call or have a text message send to your phone. The system will provide you with a five-digit code for your GMB account to be verified.

If you decide to get a call rather than a text message, then all you have to do is listen to the code and note it down.

During a call, if you are asked about anything else than that then consider that call to be fake. The system call will only give you a code, won’t ask any questions.


You could also ask Google to send you an email if you have an email option on your screen. You have to click on Verify by email option when you start the verification process.

Ensure that you have typed the correct email address before clicking on verify now.

After you do that, check your email for the code. Along with the code, you will find a link to your GMB page where you can complete your verification process.

Instant verification

Some businesses fail to take advantage of instant verification. This can happen as businesses are unknown about the fact that if your business site is already verified in Google Search Console, then you can use this option.

But somehow, this option is not available to every business. Actually, it depends on how much trust Google has on you. If you have less presence online then it’s less likely for Google to provide you with an instant verification option.

To use instant verification, make sure to sing into Google My Business account with the same Google Search Console account.

Bulk Verification

This option is available to those businesses that have a business chain. This means that if one business has more than 10 locations, then the business has access to this option.

Click on to” get verified” option next to one of your locations in Google My Business account. Then choose “chain” and fill in all the information which is necessary to verify.

This process may take about a week, as Google needs to check and review the form.

Video Chat

This technique is not yet very popular and was introduced in November 2018. If you get an option for video chat, you can use it without any doubt.

In order to get verification code through video chat, you need to have the Google Hangouts app installed on your phone.

Video chat was introduced because if you are a storefront business, Google would want to check your workplace, equipment, or even your staff and client. Google does this to ensure that the information is fully true.

If you are a service business, Google would ask to show your branded work vehicle, license plate, and the tools you use to provide service.

Trusted verifiers

A trust verifier, a certified partner eligible to verify Google My Business listing. You can verify your GMB account with the Trusted Verifier mobile app.

Since 2020, it was replaced by My Business Provider that allows companies that manage large amounts of business data. My Business Provider also generates verification code for businesses for further verification.

Trust verifier

This program is available for local businesses with a physical storefront that has signed in from Google My Business. And moreover, this is an invitation program that can only be used by those local businesses which have a personal invitation from Google.

As Trusted Verifiers automatically becomes My Business Provider, new businesses should reach tp their Google account manager to get authorized to verify the business listing.

Product Experts

Product experts are the most passionate webmasters with different levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Alumni.

The expert who starts from the Gold level can act as trusted Verifiers and can use the traditional verification method when adding new business in Google My Business.

Though this is a free service offered by Google via Trusted Verifiers, it is not available to all businesses.

Local Guides

The last method you can use to verify your Google My Business account is the assistance of Local Guide.  Local Guides are those who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add or edit places, and check facts on Google Maps.

But unfortunately, this method stopped working from last year because of a big GMB spam attack.

The above mentions are all the possible ways to verify your GMB account. But some businesses might face a situation like you see your business listing in search but don’t have anything to do with it.

In such a case, you claim and verify an already existing to manage your GMB account. Do you want to know how to claim your business?

Steps to Claim the business

  1. Go to your Maps Listing then click on to the name of your business on Google Map or the link provided in the email from Google. After you click on any one of those, a side panel on Google must appear.
  2. Click on “Claim this business,” then you might have to go through pages of identifying to make a claim. You will have to give necessary information about your business, like name, address, phone number, URL of the website.
  3. You created the listing before and want to claim your ownership. If this is a case, then Google will recognize you and give you control over the business. This means that you can edit, update, or make any changes if necessary.
  4. If we did not create the listing, then you have to provide certain information about your business to prove that you are making the right claim. Information like:
    1. Postcard to the address of the business
    2. Phone calls or text on phone number associate with business
    3. Email to associate an email address of the business
    4. Instant verification process if Google Search Console verifies the business listing.


After you own your GMB account, there is a basic problem that many businesses complain.


The problem that many businesses come across

In order to complete your listing, you need to fill all the information in your Google My Business profile. It is crucial for you to answer all the questions so that your potential customers can easily find you on Google.

Many businesses don’t realize that if you neglect while filling the information your competitor will fill out the information. This is the reason your business will not appear when your potential customer search for particular information.

Therefore it becomes very mandatory for you to give all the required information to improve your visibility in the search result.

GMB suggestion

Businesses also complain that they see certain changes in their profile which they didn’t make it.

Some businesses are unaware of the fact that anyone can suggest a change to your business listing, it can include your competitors. There is an option in the GMB listing, “Suggest an edit”.

On clicking that option anyone can change your listing. The most awful part is that suggestion can be published with or without notifying you. That’s correct suggestions can be published without notifying you.


Get rid of unwanted changes

If you want to be well informed about the happening in your GMB profile, you need to regularly log in to your GMB dashboard.

On login, to GMB account you can you can switch back to GMB classic. This is where you can see all the changes that happened in your profile.

GMB classic

If you encounter any changes, those change might not be from the suggestion. There is a chance that Google itself might have changed your GMB listing. This can happen because of changes in Google algorithm.

You can report the unwanted changes through Google My Business spam complaint.

There are some changes that Google will let you edit several things. This means that even if you see changes you can fix it.  The changes you can fix it are; your business name, business address, business phone number, business website, business working hours.

If you face the same changes many times which you did not make it then you may prefer using Google My Business spam.

This is where Google will judge your complaint, so you need to be very careful about what you are complaining and should be very clear about what is misleading.

Fill all information which is required to finalize the judgement. Make sure that you fill the right information so that the result is on your side.

In the Melicious content section, you have to address what is leading to fraudulent activities. When you have more than one type of content that means that you have to submit the form several times.

If you have URL  to report you can submit it on URL  box. If you have more than one URL to report you can click on to “Add additional info” to add a new field.

Fill all the information discussing your problem, re-read it then submit the report.


Final Thoughts

Verifying your GMB can be a difficult task, but it’s worthy to make your business verified in Google. If you need any help with the verifying process, you may contact us. Addicted 2 PPC can help you with it.