Number of women owned businesses is on the rise

Number Of Female Business Owners On The Rise

Thanks to the progressiveness of small business loans for women becoming more commonly found in the online market, more and more women are finding it easier to start up their own ventures and move forward within the world of business. By using business loans for women, we will see more female business role models popping up for the younger generation to be inspired by, which in turn will be a great way to push the movement even further.


Through the use of social media, we’ve all been able to collectively give women a bigger voice in regards to the world of online business. The internet has been smashing down barriers one hashtag at a time for females in business, which is an example of how positively these online services can be used when in the right hands.


If you’re a woman and entrepreneur, you’ll still find the odds are stacked against you. While more and more women are starting up businesses, they still find it much harder to attract finance than their male counterparts. In a world in which men are still the gatekeepers of funding, women still struggle to get a fair hearing if you are a woman in business.


The way to continue to break down barriers for women in the business world will be to give them a larger platform. This can be achieved by adding extra funds to their pockets in order for their business ideas to develop and realise the potential they have. Ideas cannot blossom without funding, so receiving a helping hand from time to time is the sort of thing we all need.


PDQ Funding are the market leader when it comes to unsecured funding methods for business women to access. Their wide variety of funding products allows women from any kind of business background to get their hands on the cash influx they need to make their company’s dreams come true.


Through PDQ Funding, women have access to business loans whether they’re new to the world of business, just beginning a start-up venture, or are looking for funding that’ll allow them to expand their current projects. With unsecured funding methods, you’re never too far from getting the money you need to execute your dream business plans.


In comparison to a traditional high street bank loan, women will often find much more success going online through a company such as PDQ Funding. Your business background, including any credit ratings, be it personal or otherwise, will not be as harshly looked upon. This means if you’ve been in a tight spot financially before, you won’t be punished for it any further now.


You may or may not be surprised to discover that a mere 19% of UK-based SMEs are led by women. As the years pass by and more barriers begin to break, we’re quite sure that we’ll see a large upward shift in this figure however. The one key benefit of business loans for women is the inclusivity of gender it promotes in the world of business finance.