8 Key Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

8 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

The technological wonders that seemed impossible a few years back are a reality today. Now, entrepreneurs are witnessing innovative digital trends that hold power to transform the entire marketing world. From data-driven marketing, AI-enabled chatbots to voice searches – these extraordinary revolutions are ruling the digital landscape.

Marketers are using artificial intelligence to gain rich consumer insights and offer a personalized shopping experience. Hence, you can also create a ‘recommend for you’ section on the website or tailor campaigns according to audiences’ interests. Similarly, many aspiring entrepreneurs are leveraging conversational marketing to connect and engage with audiences. In addition to captivating audiences, integrating the latest digital trends can help in outranking competitors.

If you want your business to remain lucrative and relevant in the fast-evolving era, stay on top of the latest marketing trends. In case you don’t know much about this, have a look below. Here we are highlighting eight key digital marketing trends that you can’t ignore.

1.   Value-Driven Content

Nowadays, people have started using ad blockers to stop seeing unwanted content. Therefore, brands have to think of compelling ways to bring value to their customers. Apart from the product itself, you have to understand customer needs and offer practical solutions through content marketing. Although blogs and articles come in handy, they fail to provide in-depth and detailed information to readers. Hence, create eBooks to offer value-driven content to users.

eBooks educate audiences while putting your brand message across. However, if you don’t have time to write an eBook from scratch, use https://designrr.io/ to turn your videos or blogs into eBooks. In addition to providing value, eBooks can establish your brand as an authority.

2.   Conversational Marketing

The new-age consumers have become impatient. Almost 82% of the online users want an immediate response from brands whenever they have a question. To accommodate people, marketers are turning to conversational marketing. It facilitates one-to-one, real-time interaction between the brand and customers. It is also allowing brands to meet customers’ demands on their terms, devices, and time schedules that suit them.

You can utilize data and analytics to produce individualized results and stay on top of consumers’ needs. Otherwise, you can follow the feedback approach to foster conversations with customers. It makes clients feel trusted and appreciated while strengthening the company’s image. Besides this, marketers can also approach conversational marketing through a sales-driven method. Regardless of your approach, make sure you achieve the fundamental goal of conversational marketing by building relationships with customers.

3.   Futuristic SEO Marketing

The ever-evolving algorithms and updates within the search engine world have affected user’s search results. Recently, Google’s BERT update has become a game-changer for websites. It is a deep learning algorithm connected with natural language processors. Thus, Google can comprehend the complicated divisions of language and the searcher’s intent. In other words, BERT will get results on search queries purely based on context.

Therefore, brands should also start concentrating on the intent that directs people to their webpage. You have to answer questions clearly and organize information to enable quick indexing. Simultaneously, you have to create content that resonates with readers and increases traffic. Having know-how of forthcoming developments in SEO will help you build a revolutionary strategy to make your business thrive.

4.   Social Media Stories

Social media stories are the new way of engaging with customers. They have become increasingly popular among users, perhaps because of the fear of missing out. After all, stories disappear within 24 hours. Snapchat was the first one to develop the concept of stories. But now, almost every social forum such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon. So, do you upload stories on social media?

You can post multiple pictures and videos, and products on the story. It will allow people to consume content without having to scroll through your feed. It is fast-paced imagery, providing a seamless shopping experience while exposing your brand to more people. Besides this, you can also connect your Instagram posts through hashtags on stories. They would be codded under the same algorithm, allowing people to access your feed through stories.

5.   Personalized Campaigns

In today’s high-tech world, the tech evolutions are taking digital marketing to a new level. Artificial intelligence can process massive amounts of data and give exclusive insights into consumers changing buying habits. In turn, marketers can tailor campaigns according to customers’ preferences. Likewise, they can also offer personalized suggestions to every person. The AI-enabled servers analyze every website visitors’ search history and recommend suitable products and services.

Additionally, you can also integrate personalization in email marketing campaigns. Alongside using the customer’s first name, send personalized offers and discounts. For instance, if a person has abandoned his/her cart, send an email reminding him/her to complete the purchase. These highly personalized solutions attract audiences and drive sales.

6.   Live Video Marketing

Live streaming is becoming increasingly famous in the digital world. It helps businesses connect with audiences in real-time despite the barrier of physical location. You can share in-person events, showcase your products live, or make announcements. People can actively participate in the live stream by commenting on the video. In the meantime, you can read and respond to those comments, enabling direct communication. If you are unaware of this digital trend, have a look below. Here are three ways how to use live videos for marketing.

  • Behind the Scenes: Everyone wants to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes operations of their favorite products. Hence, give some exclusive sneak peek of how you manufacture products through live video sessions.
  • Offer Prizes and Discounts: The concept of live videos is to foster interactions with audiences. Therefore, provide exciting giveaways and early-bird discounts for customers who give immediate orders.
  • Address Customers’ Concerns: Conversations centered around resolving consumers’ problems are a perfect fit for live videos. Alongside providing solutions, you can give tips and meaningful advice to viewers.

7.   Influencer Marketing

With the rising popularity of micro-influencers on social media, influencer campaigns can drive eCommerce sales. So, why not bring a few influencers on board? You can look for influencers within your niche to target relevant audiences and increase brand awareness. Usually, brands send public relations (PR) packages to influencers in exchange for their word of mouth, but this has become mainstream. You have to work on ongoing partnerships instead of one-off projects.

You can collaborate with influencers and offer discounts, specifically for their followers. Similarly, you can conduct contests and competitions to improve the overall engagement. Moreover, if the influencer is having a pleasant time working with your brand, consider launching a podcast. You can ask the influencer to host the podcast and invite guests from your niche. In addition to exposing your brand to a substantial user base, influencer campaigns can significantly improve ROI.

8.   Acceleration of Voice-Powered Searches

Do you have Alexa or Echo Dot at home? Around 3.21 billion people use voice assistants worldwide. As people are asking assistants to search on Google, brands should optimize for voice-powered searches. Firstly, you have to target long-tail keywords since people use long sentences when doing a voice search. Second, you have to give detailed answers to questions. You can incorporate any query that individuals might have regarding your product and provide an in-depth explanation.

Most importantly, leverage Local SEO listings because most voice search requests have ‘near me’ questions. You can create a profile on Google My Business and add your brand’s contact information. It will inform search engine bots about your business’s location in a particular area. Moreover, you have to improve the loading time of your website. It has a direct impact on bounce rate since websites that take longer to load are abandoned quickly.

Final Thoughts

When operating a business online, it is crucial to keep up with emerging trends and be on top of your marketing game. Hence, you have to make continual efforts to hone your marketing strategies with up-and-coming digital trends. You can embrace video marketing, upgrade SEO strategy, generate value-driven content, and optimize voice searches. It would attract more customers while helping you remain competitive in the industry.

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