9 Ad Copy Secrets That Will Double Your CTR

9 Ad Copy Secrets That Will Double Your CTR

Every company running Google Ads wants the best possible results from their PPC campaigns. However, with more and more industries using PPC marketing to reach and convert their customers online, this is becoming an increasingly challenging task.

One of the main pillars to Pay Per Click success, is in achieving and maintaining a high Click Through Rate (CTR). Simply put, the high the CTR, the better your PPC performance. This is as you are able to connect what your customers are looking for, with relevant and interesting information  that people want to know more about.

Google also rewards campaigns with high CTR, as this is a strong indicator of relevance. Remember, what is good for your visitors online, is good for Google too.

when people use silly memes to try to get your attention

However it can be very challenging to achieve high CTR, especially with new campaigns.

Not all PPC ads get the same Click Through Rate. By providing potential customers with the most relevant snippets of information, however, you can significantly boost your chances of getting more clicks, and ultimately increasing sales.

Below are 9 ad copy secrets that will double your CTR and improve sales, revenue and customers from your Pay Per Click campaigns.

1. Your Headline Should Grab People’s Attention

You literally have three seconds to grab the visitor’s attention to such an extent that they are interested enough to read the rest of the ad. Be bold, be daring, stand out from the crowd. A headline that stirs up people’s emotions will do much better than one blandly stating that you sell good quality products (like everybody else).

Try including questions in your headline to target that main question in your visitors head. This can help increase Click Through Rate and increase engagement with your ads.

PPC Ad Copy Example

Question In Headline To Grab Your Attention

2. Study Your PPC Statistics Before Writing The Ad Copy

Your PPC account contains a lot of valuable information. Study it to see which ad copy has been converting well in the past. This will help you to see which type of keywords and information might work the best as a meta description. Also, do a search query to find out which keywords generated traffic and triggered your ads.

3. Give Your Audience What They Want

Waxing lyrical about your company in general is unlikely to work. Before starting to write, try to place yourself in your target market’s shoes. Imagine what type of problems they are trying to solve, what exactly their needs are, how they would go about searching for a solution. Then write a PPC ad specifically aimed at those people.

4. Stand Out From The Crowd

Start by conducting an in-depth competitor analysis to find out exactly what your competitors are doing, and then do something different. If your headline is similar to the other competitors out there, you’re not going to get far. The same goes for your display URL, ad description, keywords being targeted, and the Call-to-Action.

 Identify what your competitors offer and the key points they highlight in their PPC ads. Then make a list of what makes you different or better, and highlight those.

Great PPC Ads Example

Great PPC Ads Example

5. Use Emotional Triggers

If there’s one thing that will virtually guarantee that you are wasting your time and your money with PPC ads, it’s being boring. A technically correct, inoffensive, completely unmemorable, and totally boring ad might not get a single click. So why bother?

Learn to love writing and choose your words carefully, zoom in on the main desire or problem that brings people to you, and find a way to stir up the reader’s emotions (negative or positive). An ad that promises to address people’s anxiety over a certain issue can work as well as one promising the admiration of his or her peers.

6. Address Possible Objections

Think of some common objections people might have to buying your product or service and then try to address them in the ad copy. If you can clearly address the reason why they should click on your advert, then they will become interested how you can help them and be more prepared to click through to your website.

 7. Use An Irresistible Call-to-Action

Your ad starts with the headline, and it should finish with the equally important Call-to-Action. This is your last chance to convince the reader to click on your ad and visit your website. It could be the difference between a deal and no deal.

A great Call-to-Action is concise and clear. It leaves the visitor in no doubt about what the next step will lead to. “Click Here” is way too general. If you are trying to generate leads, rather use “Contact Us” or “Get a Quote”. If you want to further engage the visitor why not use “Watch Our Video” or “Read More”?

8. Test And Test Again

Don’t just stick with one PPC ad forever. Test different approaches to see what works best. A different Call-to-Action might work better in certain locations than in others. Different headlines might be more successful among certain sections of your target market. You will never find out if you don’t test more than one alternative. If you don’t have the necessary in-house resources for this, outsource it.

By analyzing the data from these tests you will gain valuable insights into your target market that will help you to improve your future marketing campaigns.

9. Outsourcing

By now you probably realize that writing brilliant and engaging PPC copy is more challenging than you may have thought. If you regularly place PPC ads on Google, Microsoft, and other PPC platforms your best alternative to doing it in-house is to use professional PPC copywriters.

The issue with using PPC freelancers is that you are using people you know very little about, to do work that could have a significant impact on your business. They might leave in the middle of a campaign

Or not have enough knowledge of your business and what your consumers are interested in.

This is why we always recommend using a respected PPC agency instead. They have trained professional PPC writers. They also have editors who check the writers’ work. It’s paramount that your PPC agency knows as much about your company and customers as possible, in order to write the most compelling PPC ad copy to continually improve your PPC performance.

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